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Select the best WordPress Media Library Plugin to categorize and filter media items!

The outstanding point of WordPress Media Library Plugin

If you have a difficulty in categorizing and finding photos in your WordPress Library and need a tool to help you, our collection will be very useful for you. We provide you a list of top best WordPress Media Library Plugin, so let take a look and choose the best one for you!

Top WordPress Media Library Plugin

1. Media Library Assistant

Media Library Assistant _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Media Library Plugin works as a standard Media Library page. Therefore, it is very easy to use. It also offers a contextual help on each new screen as long as a lot of new and special plugin features.

Provided features:

  • Powerful Content Templates
  • Attachment metadata
  • Complete support for ALL taxonomies
  • Where-used reporting
  • Enhanced Search Media box
  • An inline “Quick Edit” action
  • And more


  • An incredible amount of features
  • Excellent documentation
  • A seamless support

2. WordPress Media Library Folders

Wordpress Media Library Folders _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Library Plugin provides actual folders to arrange user’s WordPress media library easily. Moreover, it inserts and creates new folders to attach and arrange as you want. This plugin also enables to move, copy, rename and delete files simply and beautifully.

Provided features:

  • Multi site supported
  • Organize your media library folders
  • Use File Name View Mode
  • Select and add images to your posts
  • Add images to a WooCommerce product gallery
  • Create new MaxGalleria and NextGEN Galleries


  • Clean UI
  • Easy to navigate
  • A huge productivity boost

3. Enhanced Media Library

Enhanced Media Library _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Media Library Plugin is suitable for people who need to manage a number of media files. It immediately gives you Media Categories to help you categorize and filter media items. Besides, you can reduce your time on searching through a media library even with 100 photos.

Provided features:

  • Various media categories
  • Filter media items in WP admin
  • Order options
  • Media file types
  • Export / import plugin settings
  • Fully compatible with WordPress native short codes


  • Beautiful display for products
  • Simply an excellent tool
  • Great organizational functionality

4. Media Library Categories

Media Library Categories _ Wordpress.org

Media Library Categories enables you to use categories in the WordPress Media Library. After being activated, a drop down will display in the media library. Thanks to this, you are able to change, insert as well as remove the category of multiple items. Moreover, it also provides an option to filter on categories when you use the gallery short code.

Provided features:

  • Taxonomy filter
  • Support for WordPress 3.1 – 5.0
  • Change the category of multiple items
  • Add / edit / remove categories from media items
  • Filter on categories in the gallery short code
  • Filter on categories in the media library


  • Really appreciated
  • Extremely useful for organizing media
  • Easy to understand and implement

5. Remote Media Libraries

Remote Media Libraries _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Library Plugin offers for you access to contents that you like from YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo and more directly into the media library. Moreover, you are able to navigate, search and add remote into your posts and pages. It also helps you to share media across multiple WordPress sites easily as well as combine access and use multiple CDNs content on your WordPress Websites.

Provided features:

  • Currently integrated services
  • Vote for the next integration
  • Access secure private content
  • Unlimited amount of media in the library
  • Batch upload media
  • Set Feature images
  • And more


  • Fantastic Support
  • Great concept

6. Media Library Organizer

Media Library Organizer _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Media Library Plugin is extremely easy to use and useful. It enables you to categorize and find photos, videos and other media in your WordPress Library.

Provided features:

  • Search Media by Category
  • Works with all Media Library views
  • Sort Media by Category, Date or Name
  • Categorize images, video and other media
  • Import Categories and Categorization Data
  • Export Categories and Categorization Data


  • Produce immediate results
  • Easy to use

7. WP Media folders

Wp Media Folders _ Wordpress.org

WP Media folders allows you to generate folder and sub folders. You can also rename and move the media in the actual situation. Because a new field is inserted on the media edition window, you are able to update full path and name of all media.

Provided features:

  • Import and synchronize media structure
  • Remote folder sync
  • Integrates with existing media library


  • Super lightweight
  • Nice clean interface

  • Simple and easy to use

8. Media Cloud

Media Cloud _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Media Library Plugin helps you to enhance media handing in WordPress. You can automatically copy media uploads to the cloud and serve them from your cloud storage provider. In addition, it also enables you to import your available media library in an easy and fast way.

Provided features:

  • Integrate with IMGIX
  • Native support for Google cloud storage
  • Advanced image editing
  • Image cropping
  • WP-CLI support
  • Compatible with lading image optimizers


  • Work flawlessly with so many options
  • Super-responsive support
  • A huge time saver


We hope that our collection is useful for you. Besides, you can also have more free WordPress theme to help you categorize and find photos.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below. Thanks very much for your reading!

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  1. Enhanced Media Library? Seriously? This plugin was abandoned 2 years ago. It isn’t even compatible with the newest versions of WordPress nor PHP.


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