Clone or duplicate your WordPress site in the simplest way with the top WordPress Duplicator Plugin!

As you know, duplicate your site involving backing it up and then restoring it at a safe and new place. In this way, you can feel safe in case you do something on it but mess up it. Your duplicator will be an exact copy of your original page, so you can try another time if doing something wrong. Today, in this collection we provide you top best WordPress Duplicator Plugin with the hope that you can pick up the best one. Let’s refer to our blog and pick up the best one for your site!

1. Duplicate Page

Duplicate Page licenses you to duplicate your posts, pages similarly as your custom pots successfully just through a solitary tick. What’s more, this WordPress Duplicator Plugin attracts customer occupations to get approval to duplicate page and you can in like manner sort out to show the relationship of duplicate page in post types reasonably.

Provided features:

  • License User Roles To discover the chance to Duplicate Page
  • Change Duplicate Post Link Title
  • Join Post Prefix
  • Elective where to show clone interface
  • Select Duplicate Posts Status
  • Have after snap on clone interface
  • Join Post Suffix
  • Through and through More Filters and Features


  • Simply working
  • Save time
  • Discouraging stuff

2. WP Staging – DB & File Duplicator & Migration

WP Staging is a magnificent module that engages you to pass on a copy of your whole site for development and arranging. In like way, using this module, you can duplicate all the database tables and sometime later get another prefix beginning with wpstg(int)_. This is moreover an ideal module for you to move your site fro an improvement site to a creative one and the opposite course around.

Provided features:

  • The development process takes only a few minutes or minutes
  • As default the masterminding site will be reiterated into a subfolder.
  • Clearing logging features
  • Supports all standard web servers
  • Nobody in any case officials can get to the filtering through site
  • Site structure improvement neighborly
  • All database tables will be imitated
  • No SASS affiliation
  • Point of fact


  • Responsive assistance gathering
  • Cutoff points as forefront
  • Basic and significant

3. Migrate Guru: Migrate & Clone WordPress Free

Here is an astonishing course for you to move your WordPress site. This module moreover allows you to change URLs, handles serialized data, evades import-pass on substance, in like manner on. Migrate Guru also attracts you to clone the WordPress site as such.

Provided features:

  • Localhost headways
  • Headway of multi-site sort out sub-areas
  • No additional room required
  • Worked for tremendous destinations
  • Certified a solitary tick advancement
  • Totally adjusted worked in look and supersede


  • Staggering
  • Super assistance
  • Perfect approach

4. Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post gives you an ability to duplicate any sort of your posts and page, by then copy them to new drafts to transform it later on. This WordPress Duplicate Plugin is certainly not hard to use, you can use it with no data. A lot of brain overwhelming features and a from of how to use are moreover related with this module for your convincing use.

Provided features:

  • Clone posts of any kind
  • Copy presents on new drafts for extra altering
  • Duplicate any post
  • An affiliation tag
  • 100% GDPR steady


  • Basically astounding
  • Obliging
  • Save a lot of time

5. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

Here is one of the most eminent WordPress Duplicator Plugin with in excess of 2,000,000 presents. Moreover, this module in like way gives you to fortress your database correspondingly as your records satisfactorily into the reestablish and cloud. You will fortress them into the DreamObjects, email, FTP, etc.

Provided features:

  • Backs up to more cloud decisions
  • Licenses you to set up adjusted stronghold plans
  • Has been tried more than 1 million objectives
  • Up less server assets


  • Working enchanting
  • Clear and direct
  • Obliging

6. XCloner – Backup and Restore

XCloner is a mind blowing module that is absolutely perfect with your WordPress site. By virtue of using it, you can pass on differentials posts of your WordPress site by systems for a characteristic scheduler in an adjusted or manual way. This module grants you to help equivalently as restore any of PHP/MySQL application and a short period of time later produce custom post to present to others.

Provided features:

  • Restore your fortifications locally or to a remote region
  • Produce modified fortresses
  • GDPR strong by included encryption data
  • Move your fortifications to Remote Storage regions
  • Watch every improvement of XCloner
  • Split fortifications into various tinier parts
  • Produce Differential Backups
  • Besides, anything is possible beginning there


  • Snappy Smooth Easy
  • Striking module
  • Basic gadget

7. WP Migrate DB – WordPress Migration Made Easy

This module licenses you to trade your database effectively as a MySQL information dump. Here is in addition an uncommon reaction for the individuals who need to move new information from the creation site or covertly made site. Various decisions are moreover connected with this module.

Provided features:

  • Channel station types
  • Find and supplant that handles serialized information
  • Fortresses
  • Charge your database
  • Select which tables to move
  • Stress tried tremendous databases
  • Strong security
  • Bar futile information
  • Spare development profiles


  • Direct
  • Obliging module
  • Solid and Easy to Use

8. Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

This module has in excess of 15 million clients that award you to move, erase, clone or duplicate a site from a spot to some other spot. Furthermore, you can in like way move your WordPress site from a host into another also as fortress a site or a touch of the site really.

Provided features:

  • Pull down a live site to localhost for improvement
  • Copy a live site to a sifting through area or the converse route around
  • Wrap up a whole WordPress site
  • Play out a full WordPress development
  • Move a WordPress site starting with one host then onto the accompanying
  • Move, move or clone a WordPress site
  • Really stronghold a WordPress site or parts of a site


  • Works like appeal
  • Particularly point by point
  • Simple to follow

9. All-in-One WP Migration

This module engages you to exchange your WordPress site, for instance, modules, subjects, database with no coding data need. Furthermore, as a result of it, you can similarly move your reports at any place going with a rearranged.

Provided features:

  • Mobile phone great
  • Charge your WordPress site
  • Move your site to a substitute region
  • Apply a limitless number of find and override exercises
  • fix any serialization issues


  • Simply Outstanding
  • Magnificent Plugin
  • Magnificent

10. Quick Post Duplicator

Using this module enables you to duplicate your custom post, your posts, and your page very easily. Quick Post Duplicator also licenses you to make duplicate posts by drifting them in the change screen and taking a tick on the ‘Duplicate’ button.

Provided features:

  • Duplicate post, page, custom post
  • Make a duplicate post


  • Basic
  • Significant module
  • Easy to use


WordPress Duplicator Plugin is a necessary tool that can help you to duplicate your page. Let’s leave a comment below if you have any questions! Moreover, don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you find it useful.

Besides, you can also go to free WordPress themes to have more eye-catching themes for your websites.

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