Creating and managing your own online-courses website and more with these amazing WordPress E-learning plugins!

Life pace is developing quickly. And have you ever thought that you can manage a class completely on the Internet instead face-to-face? Amazing WordPress E-learning plugins will help you create a remote class with downloadable documents, unlimited courses, lectures and more. We all think these plugins are useful and easy to use, but their features are unbelievable. Check it out!

1. WP Courseware

Firstly, let’s start with amazing WP Courseware. This plugin allow you create a online class site and manage courses as well as documents, students,.. Some big organizations such as CNN, Verizon Wireless, and University of Kentucky have used it.


  • Customizable style
  • Drag and drop function
  • Payment options
  • Email notifications


  • Many features 
  • Various types of test such as quiz, choices, essay, etc.

2. Video Lessons Manager

Video Lessons Manager plugin allows you to control your video lessons though other platform (YouTube, Vimeo). Your users can take part in courses, take the tests, comment some questions or messages…


  • Ability to mark the favorite parts
  • Online video content
  • Quiz and questions
  • Certificates after finishing class
  • Pay for each view for limited time


  • Many payment gateways included
  • Amazing templates

3. Learn Dash

You can use Learn Dash for creating your own robust e-learning environment. It includes many features for generating content as well as many types of quiz. This plugin is partners of some big names (University of Michigan, University of Florida, University of Washington…)


  • Ability to manage and sell courses
  • Schedule lessons
  • Customizable forums 
  • Using in multisite network
  • Reports about users
  • Certificates of learners


  • Various types of quiz
  • Responsive interface

4. Namaste! LMS

Namaste! LMS provides many options to set up perfectly your e-learning interface. You can manage your class like in real life with unlimited courses, lessons, enrolling and many other features.


  • Class rules
  • Certificates when completing courses
  • Manual enrollments
  • Ability to sell courses when integrating with WooCommerce
  • Lessons, quizzes for learners to improve


  • Free of costs
  • Unlimited lessons and excercises

5. Sensei

The next useful plugin – Sensei allows you create and sell courses through Woocommerce. Beside, you can track the trend of your courses by knowing who is talking about them.


  • Ability to sell courses
  • Badges for learners after graduating
  • Learners name
  • Sharing via Social networks 


  • No code knowledge required
  • Easy to use

6. TeachPress

This TeachPress plugin integrates an e-learning management and BibTeX management. Both modules can work independently. Besides, they can unite to create a powerful e-learning system for you. Specially, it is optimized for professors and research team.


  • BibTeX and RTF export
  • Shortcodes for publication lits
  • RSS feed
  • Courses overview


  • 8 languages supported
  • Active data system

7. StudyPress

StudyPress allows you create unlimited courses, lessons. With this plugin, you can create diverse types of media content. Then you can post on your site in the form of posts, pages or slides.


  • Learners ratings
  • Automatic grade
  • Buddypress integrated
  • Sharing on social networks
  • Glossaries and tags for lessons
  • Multi teachers support
  • Quiz report for teachers


  • A huge number of quizzes
  • Gorgeous and professional look

8. Learnpress

Learnpress is well-known because it’s useful and feature-rich. You can create easily a curriculum with courses, lessons, tests. Thus, you have ability to manage your own online school without coding knowledge.


  • Sell courses
  • Flexible types of lesson content (post, video, quiz or image…)
  • Drag and drop
  • Forums for learners
  • Teachers’ note
  • Slide for presentation
  • Learners’ grade and rank
  • And more


  • Lightweight but powerful
  • User-friendly appearance


These are collections of 8 useful WordPress E-learning plugins for you. Most of them are feature-rich, easy to use and have good supports. So, we hope you can choose the most suitable one for you and don’t forget to share your experiences with us. By the way, take a look our free WordPress E-learning theme to find an gorgeous education theme!

Many thanks for reading this post. If you have any problem, free don’t hesitate to contact us!


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