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Top 9 Best WordPress Flipbook Plugins

wordpress flipbook plugin

There are several ways to share your content online and displaying your content as a flipbook is also considered the best effective method to share content. However, the diversity of WordPress Flipbook plugins on the internet will make it difficult for you to find the best one. In today’s blog, we will bring you a list of remarkable WordPress Flipbook Plugins. Let’s check them out.

The reason to use WordPress Flipbook Plugins

As a blogger, you always want to impress your customers to get more traffic. One of the most effective ways that can help you to do it is displaying your article as a flipbook. However, these days, it has thousands of Flipbook Plugins on the market, and sometimes you do not know what to choose. Understanding your need, today we offer you the top best WordPress Flipbook Plugin with the hope that you can select the most high-quality one. Let’s start now!

Top WordPress Flipbook Plugins

Unreal FlipBook – Visual Composer Addon

This module attracts you to analyze flipping books, PDFs, pictures and HTML with no issue. Moreover, Unreal FlipBook is correspondingly sensible for indicating books, cards, magazines, booklets, freebees, and so on. Because of using this kind of WordPress Flipbook Plugin, you can draw more thought likewise as interest your customers effectively.

Provided features:

  • Make volume book
  • Imitate book opening structure
  • Drag and toss pages together
  • Re-endeavor the condition of flipping pages
  • Use PDF, pictures, and HTML as pages


  • Capable flipbook
  • Easy to use

Yumpu ePaper publishing

Yumpu ePaper publishing module gives you a capacity to move any PDF report that you need into your site. Beginning there ahead, this module will trade it into online clear ePapers. Besides, by utilizing some fundamental shortcodes, you can join ePapers into your posts and pages.

Provided features:

  • Move any PDF to your site
  • Can be examined with Flash or HTML 5
  • Convert PDF records into an online reasonable ePaper
  • Supplement ePaper into posts and pages


  • Superior to average device
  • Outstanding help
  • Solid

Flip Pong V

Flip Pong V licenses you to make streams with no coding data. What’s more, while using this module, you can flip pages with the mouse sensibly fundamentally like a believable book or you can likewise use the left and right annexes. This module in like manner gives you an ability to pick estimations of each flipbook and some time later you can enable a shadow around the flipbook.

Provided features:

  • Make scatterings
  • Augmentation, expel and demand your pages
  • Pick estimations of each flipbook
  • Engage a shadow around the flipbook

WP Booklet

This WordPress Flipbook Plugin attracts you to make magazine-like pages or freebees in a key way. Different grasped subjects are in like manner associated with this module for satisfying customers. WP Booklet  is other than completely unfathomable with versatile contraptions and you can present it dependably

Provided features:

  • Mass picture moves
  • Page thumbnails
  • PDF moves
  • Resemblance with phones
  • Page popups
  • Mass shipper for WP Booklet 1.x booklets
  • Full responsiveness


  • Associating with structure
  • Cutoff outstandingly
  • Fundamental



This WordPress Flipbook Plugin is a free anyway fruitful contraption that grants you to hold your PDF magazines. Furthermore, the issuupress plugin also enables you to show an overview of all PDF archives that your hold tight your posts and pages just by using some essential short-code.

Provided features:

  • Restrict the summary by tag
  • Control the issuu watcher
  • Host your PDF magazines
  • Show an overview of PDF records on your blog

dFlip 3D Flipbook

This module licenses you to surprise your customers by making sensible and flabbergasting 3D HTML5 Flipbook. Moreover, this module other than grants you to change over your PDF records into flipbooks enough essentially requiring PDF links. dFlip 3D Flipbook also joins a solicitations support with the objective that you can show flipbook by groupings.

Provided features:

  • Sponsorship for participates in the PDF Flipbook
  • Direct creation with Post Type and shortcode
  • Custom Hot-spots for Image Flipbook
  • Gigantic Linking feature
  • Sensible 3D Flipbook controlled
  • Evident CSS HTML5 Flipbook
  • RTL mode for Arabian and RTL mode dialects
  • Depictions support
  • Controls Customization


  • Puzzling help
  • Reasonable 3D see
  • Easy to use


Using flowpaper plugin can help you with inserting flipbooks, magazines, presents, PDF characterizations into your site in HTML 5 arrangement. Besides, This WordPress Flipbook Plugin furthermore recollects clear headings for how to embed FDF records or a conveyance with the objective that you can follow with no issue.

Provided features:

  • Re-trying Theme
  • Setting Publication Title
  • Opening in a Lightbox overlay
  • Setting Header


  • Good look
  • Simple to use
  • Significant module

iPages Flipbook For WordPress

Here is an extraordinary WordPress Flipbook Plugin with innumerable highlights that can permit you to make bewildering mechanized HTML flipbooks. Because of utilizing this iPages Flipbook Plugin, you can make your own media books which can engage bloggers comparatively as distributers with the target that you can make all the all the additionally fascinating substance.

Provided features:

  • Thumbnails
  • Depiction and Landscape
  • 3 Render Book Modes
  • 2 Data Sources
  • Bolster Navigation
  • Shocked Zoom
  • Offer a relationship with mates
  • Important Interface
  • Change from the normal state to fullscreen and back
  • PDF download


  • Immaculate structure
  • Ideal for book and introduction of books
  • Fundamental interface

Ultimate PDF Flipbooks | Flip Books Made Easy!

wordpress flipbook plugin

This WordPress Flipbook Plugin gives you an ability to take PDF records from the chief dashboard and some time later you can make its shortcode by using a shortcode generator. Starting there ahead, you can insert it into your posts and pages with no issue. Besides, you can insert and pulverize various features correspondingly as change and manage the structure and cutoff effectively.

Provided features:

  • Grant Download
  • Show Thumbnails
  • Extra Classes
  • Slide Show
  • License Fullscreen
  • Page Layout
  • Compartment Width
  • Compartment Height


  • Surprising module
  • Uncommon
  • Easy to change


Which WordPress Flipbook Plugin is the best? Let’s share your thoughts in the comment section below. Moreover, you can recommend other plugins below. We really welcome your preference.

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