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Top 12 Best Free Elementor Addons

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Design your content as well as your site using free Elementor addons! All of suggested Elementor addons are free to get, read this post to find for you an useful assistant!

The outstanding point of Free Elementor Addons

Building your content with elementor addon is convenient, but do you want more? Are you needing some new fresh and helpful functions that is beyond available Elementor widgets? You should read this list of best 12 free Elementor addons we have picked to get for you some amazing addons! Let’s get started!

Top Free Elementor Addons

1/ Master Addons for Elementor


Master Addons is the only one Addon you’ll ever need. It’s packed with the exclusive & essential elements that will help you arrange contents and stunning desgin for your site. It has 40+ Elements and 10+ Extension with unique features like Header & Footer, Restrict Content, Mega Menu, Custom CSS, Transforms, Domain Checker are available in this plugin. Drag your desired element and customize the default text, icon, image.

Key Features:

  • Table Of Contents
  • Header & Footer Builder
  • Nav Menu + Mega Menu
  • 5 Different Pricing Tables
  • Restrict Content Element
  • 100+ Blog Layout Variation
  • Multiple Form Elements
  • Dynamic & Responsive Table Element
  • Restrict Content (Age Restriction, Math Captcha, Password protection)
  • Rich Template Library (Ready Pages, Sections, Header, Footer)


  • Positioning Extension
  • News Ticker for post or RSS Feed
  • Custom CSS For Section, Column, Element
  • Transform
  • Transitions

2. Element Pack Lite

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Element Pack Lite comes with a huge of common features that helps you easily build content on your site. With 20 available popular widgets, you don’t need professional coding skill to work with, just drap and drop.

Key features:

  • Show business hours
  • Custom gallery with modern design and lightbox support
  • Show content with flip box
  • Image magnifier
  • Templates for member profile
  • Add countdown timer
  • Panel slider
  • And more


  • Easy to manage your content
  • Cool stuff
  • Fancy look

3. Essential Addons for Elementor

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Essential Addons for Elementor will boost your site thanks to 65+ ready amazing elements and 100+ ready blocks. So, you can be free to customize your content with useful designed widgets as professional as you can.

Key features:

  • Post grid or post timeline
  • 8 eye-catching text effects
  • Creative button effects
  • Available testimonial templates
  • Custom event calendar
  • Create prcing tables
  • Design call-to-action buttons
  • Show your latest tweets
  • And more


  • Feature-rich plugin
  • Lightweight and fast loading
  • Awesome support

4. AnyWhere Elementor

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AnyWhere Elementor enables you to inserts elementor pages, multiple layouts, post elements, global templates and so on using shortcodes. Just create a template inside Elementor and brings its code to anywhere, it will display exactly what you build. This plugin is so convenient for users who want to show their amazing content at many places.

Key features:

  • Create template using Elementor
  • Get shortcode of template
  • 8 available single post widgets
  • And more


  • Useful plugin for users who want to transfer across the sites
  • Great support
  • Easy to use

5. Elementor Addons & Templates – Sizzify Lite 

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Elementor Addons & Templates is a cool free Elementor addons that provides special WooCommerce elements, post layouts and so on. If you have a virtual store, you will find easy to display beautifully products using this plugin.

Key features:

  • WooCommerce product categories
  • Woo recent products
  • Woo best selling products
  • WooCommerce featured, on sale and popular products
  • Elementor widget recent posts
  • Elementor posts by category
  • Pricing table
  • And more


  • Good plugin
  • Good performance

6. Premium Addons for Elementor

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You can professionally build as well as enhance your site using both Elementor and Premium Addons for Elementor. This plugin comes with 50+ amazing widgets in order to help you to build easily and quickly with no coding knowledge required.

Key features:

  • Create carousel
  • Modern style for blog post
  • Advanced posts filtering options
  • Google Maps with multiple markers, custom skins and more
  • Create and custom team member profile
  • Vertical and horizontal tabs
  • Create image gird and image scroll
  • Animated and interactive banner widget
  • And more


  • Nice design
  • Lightweight plugin
  • Great support

7. NavMenu Addon For Elementor

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Like its name, NavMenu Addon For Elementor helps you easily build and custom your menu using drag and drop. This plugin provides you 3 types of menu: default menu, mega menu, and overlay menu so you are free to custom the menu with your brand logo.

Key features:

  • Default menu, mega menu, and overlay menu
  • Drag and drop to build
  • Full-screen overlay, lightbox-like window
  • And more

8. Smart Slider 3

If NavMenu Addon For Elementor helps you custom your menu, Smart Slider 3 enables you to build spectacular sliders by dragging and dropping its amazing widgets. Using this addon, you can easily build many types of sliders, optimize your content without coding skills.

Key features:

  • Edit sliders in page builder mode
  • Drag and drop to build slider
  • Slide Library provides several pre-made slides
  • Support for Elementor
  • Customizable controls
  • 9 background animationsr slider
  • Font and Style manager system
  • And more


  • Easy to create sliders
  • Totally responsive and touch friendly
  • SEO optimized

9. Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks

Using Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks, you can add block, header and footer directly to your site in Elementor as well as custom them. With Elementor integrated, you have the flexibility to design beautifully parts.

Key features:

  • Choose to isplay header and footer on a particular place
  • Create gorgeous design
  • Add your custom template
  • Elementor Canvas Template is enabled
  • Inbuild widgets for customizing
  • And more


  • Simple to set up
  • Work with all themes
  • Good support

10. Before After Image Comparison Slider for Elementor

Before After Image Comparison Slider for Elementor lets you make effect for comparing two before and after image. This plugin is a good choices for users who are operating a virtual store on WordPress. For example, you need to compare before and after image of products, of service, etc.

Key features:

  • Use any image sizes used in your theme
  • Custom image dimension
  • Custom CSS
  • Create unlimited number of sliders
  • See the live preview of sliders
  • And more


  • Responsive look
  • Touch friendly

11. Unlimited Elements for Elementor

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This addon provides you functions exactly like its name. With Unlimited Elements for Elementor, you can design your site using unlimited number of elements (100+ free widget for Elementor). Furthermore, this plugin is useful, easy to use with no coding knowledge require.

Key features:

  • Post widgets (post sliders, post news scroller, post grid and so on)
  • 9 types of content widgets
  • 3 layouts for displaying team member profile
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • 8 + marketing widgets and 3 WooCommerce product layouts
  • Logo, image gallery and video widgets
  • Typography
  • And more


  • Amazing features
  • Beautiful appearance

12/ JetGridBuilder — Grid Builder for Elementor

JetGridBuilder — Grid Builder for Elementor

JetGridBuilder is the most useful and simple plugin to create wow-layouts on the website. All you have to do is to place the required posts in the desired area and adjust it without the need to respect the order, the row height, etc. You don’t have any limitations, just build the grid gallery of any size with any type of content like blog posts, photos, architecture projects, ad banners, or whatever else you need.   

JetGridBuilder includes 2 widgets: Post Grid Builder and Terms Grid Builder. 

Key features: 

  • Choose any number of columns
  • Adjust the layout of any difficulty
  • Set the indent between posts 
  • The empty space in the grid is filled in automatically with the Vertical Compact Option
  • Two item style options available by default: standard for the info to appear on the colored background under the image, content overlay to showcase the information on the translucent background over the picture
  • Many style settings for every page element

Final thoughts

So we have listed 10 best free Elementor addons for your site. It’s your turn to try and decide which one is good for your plan. If you like this post, don’t forget to vote for us as well as comment below. Please contact us if you need our help.

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