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To enhance the functionality of your website, do you wish to change JPEG Image Compression in WordPress easily? If the answer is yes, you’ve found the proper site to change JPEG Image Compression in WordPress. You can approach this blog with the help of this blog. Now examine them.

Why should you stop WordPress from reducing the file size of JPEG images?

Jpeg photos uploaded to the WordPress Media Library are automatically compressed to 90% of their original quality. Your photos will be 82% compressed even in WordPress 4.5 to improve the speed of your website. Although this feature speeds up page load times, frees up server space, and reduces hosting bandwidth usage, it won’t be helpful for websites that focus on presenting and supplying photos, like photography and design websites. Because it may result in lower-quality photographs than you would like.

In order to preserve the quality of your uploaded photographs, you must prevent WordPress from compressing JPEG images.

How to Turn Off JPEG Image Compression in WordPress

If you want the quality of the photographs that you upload to the WordPress Media Library to remain at a perfect 100%. The best fix is to disable image compression.

You need only add the following code to your theme’s function.php file or to a plugin created especially for your website to accomplish that.

add_filter(‘jpeg_quality’, function($arg){return 100;});

The original quality of your image will be preserved by WordPress thanks to this code.

How to change WordPress picture compression

There is no doubt that reducing the size of your photographs will improve the performance of your website. To speed up your website, you should change the image compression if your website doesn’t rely heavily on photos.

If you decrease the value from 100 to 80 or even below, you can boost image compression. Just add the following code, that’s all.

add_filter(‘jpeg_quality’, function($arg){return 75;});

You must regenerate your thumbnails after pasting this code into your theme’s function.php file in order to see how your customized image compression settings in WordPress work.


In all honesty, when you change JPEG Image Compression in WordPress, it has numerous advantages for your website. To maintain the quality of your photographs, you may occasionally need to stop WordPress from compressing JPEG images. We sincerely hope that our article helped you change JPEG Image Compression in WordPress. Feel free to comment below if you run across any issues when you change JPEG Image Compression in WordPress.

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