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WordPress RSVP plugin is considered a great tool to manage multiple events on your WordPress effectively. However, with the diversity of many RSVP tools in the market, you will find it hard to find the best tool for your website. Hence, to help you easily look for the right plugin, in today’s blog, we will give you a list of outstanding WordPress RSVP plugins that will not let you down. Let’s check them out.

Why should you use the WordPress RSVP Plugin?

If you are an event manager, you may understand the importance of the RSVP Plugin. By using it, you can create an RSVP form and then control events effectively. However, there is a problem that it has many such plugins on the market and sometimes you may feel confused because you do not know what to choose. Therefore, today we hand-picked some powerful WordPress RSVP Plugins with the hope that you can get the best one. Let’s start now!

Top Awesome WordPress RSVP Plugin

Event Tickets

Event Tickets – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

Here is absolutely an uncommon module that connects with you to buy also as RSVP tickets of your occasions. Taking into account using Event Tickets, you can embed RSVPs correspondingly as tickets into your posts and pages. By interfacing your Paypal business account into your site, you can sell tickets for your occasions.

Provided features:

  • Wide structure names for customization
  • Gets and coordinates in abundance
  • Supervisors can collect ticket charges
  • Works out of the compartment with The Events Calendar
  • Totally responsive from adaptable to tablet to work an area
  • Tried the colossal subject structures
  • Internationalized and deciphered


  • Basically fascinated
  • Incredible
  • Work unfathomable

RSVP and Event Management Plugin

Rsvp And Event Management Plugin – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

RSVP and Event Management Plugin gives you a capacity to control individuals for your occasions including weddings, get-togethers, birthday merriments, church parties, and different occasions. Additionally, this module in like manner permits you to re-attempt the front-end available which is from your WordPress head zone.

Provided features:

  • Import and charge individuals
  • Cutoff concerning individuals to set extra visitors
  • Simple to change content
  • Open enlistment or private part list
  • Custom deals
  • Mystery word or no question enunciation to RSVP
  • Clear part the board
  • Email criticizes


  • Dazzling module
  • Boundlessly splendid
  • Competent help


Rsvpmaker – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

RSVPMaker is an essential yet significant WordPress RSVP Plugin that licenses you to set plan and advance your event from collected sorts, for instance, classes, workshops, talking events, get-togethers, social gatherings, and by and large more. In like manner, this module in addition give you an ability to amass money by strategies for Stripe and PayPal.

Provided features:

  • Schedule and advance events of different kinds
  • Register people, instigating them
  • Total money using PayPal or Stripe.
  • Advance your event through electronic systems association media
  • Use the Limited Time Content Gutenberg square


  • Phenomenal flexibility
  • Staggering module
  • Wonderful

Events Made Easy

Events Made Easy – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

Events Made Easy includes a lot of powerful features that allow you to manage your events and membership for your WordPress. By using this plugin, you are able to create plans and then publish your events as well as enables other people to book for your weekly meetings. Through this plugin, you can also insert event lists, description as well as calendars.

Provided features:

  • Drip content via memberships
  • PDF creation for membership, bookings and people info
  • RSS and ICAL feeds
  • Calendar management, with holidays integration
  • Several widgets for event listings and calendar
  • Location management
  • RSVP bookings with custom fields and dynamic fields
  • Lots of shortcodes and options
  • And more


  • Flexible
  • Really cool
  • Excellent plugin

Meetup Widgets

Meetup Widgets – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

Meetup Widgets is a wonderful WordPress RSVP Plugin. By using it, you can generate 2 widgets: a list of events of a meetup group and showing details related to single events via a link to RSVP or OAuth in case keys are specified.

Provided features:

  • Create a list of events from a meetup group
  • Show details about a single event


  • Work as described
  • Easy to use

Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin

Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

Simple Calendar is one of the easiest ways that enables you to insert Google Calendar events for your sites. It is very easy to set up with a beautiful design, By using it, you can show events from public Google Calendar as well as maintain control events in Google Calendar.

Provided features:

  • Display events from any public Google Calendar
  • Keep managing events in Google Calendar
  • Out-of-the-box designs
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly monthly grid
  • Customize event content display
  • Combine multiple calendars into single displays explicitly
  • Advanced settings to adjust time zones
  • Integration with Event Calendar Newsletter


  • Flexible plugin
  • Wonderful technical support
  • Simple

Tockify Events Calendar

Tockify Events Calendar – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

Tockify Events Calendar is a front line engaging WordPress RSVP Plugin that is amazingly fitting for work region and compact web. By using it, you can create similarly control events with no issue. You can similarly introduce accounts from YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook into your events.

Provided features:

  • Live sync with Google Calendar
  • Social sharing on Facebook, Twitter
  • Diligent calendar backup
  • Blends reliably into your site
  • Ticket/Call To Action gets
  • Embed Video from YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook
  • Customizable RSVP structures
  • Recognize and approve community-submitted events
  • Worked in tag and substance-based chase


  • Basic present
  • Explosive customer help
  • Heavenly calendar

Eventbee RSVP Widget

Eventbee Rsvp Widget – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

This is absolutely a heavenly WordPress RSVP Plugin for event boss. Much refreshing to Eventbee RSVP Widget attendee can enlist for events basically through embeddings profile and a while later attest for events. By using it, the boss of the event can control who registers for events similarly to represent the requests isolated from the default one.

Provided features:

  • Control who enrolls for the event
  • Posture requests isolated from the default one
  • Change the look and feel of the contraption
  • Register for the event by garnishing off the profile


  • Convincing module
  • Easy to present

Amader RSVP For WordPress

Wordpress Rsvp Plugin

Amader RSVP For WordPress dumbfounding RSVP Plugin for WordPress. This module empowers you to install a structure at any place on your WordPress site. As a result of it, your customers can introduce their information through RSVP structure in a staggeringly basic way.

Provided features:

  • Incorporate a structure wherever in your site
  • Guests can introduce their information


  • Shocking module
  • Strong report


WordPress RSVP Plugin is a necessary tool that can allow you to manage your event effectively. Hopefully, you can find out the best tool for your website. If you are happy with our blog, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to share your thoughts. Moreover, you can visit our website to update other useful blogs in next time.

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