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The advantage of using the WordPress Pinterest Plugin

In this post, we have come up with some best WordPress Pinterest Plugin, which are pretty different from any other list you have found around the web. This is a perfect tool to help you to integrate Pinterest into your blog or website. We have listed all these plugins based on recent updates, best user reviews, and installation numbers.

Let’s explore Top WordPress Pinterest Plugin

Pretty Pinterest Pins


Pretty Pinterest Pins is a badge that provides a catchy graphic link to your Pinterest page. You can choose from a few different pre-installed graphics, or you can even upload your own. Moreover, you can easily put these images in your site either through a widget or a shortcode, which you can insert into any Post or Page, of course.

Provides Feature:

  • Clean and Modern Look (like Pinterest)
  • Looks great on light and dark backgrounds
  • Captions scale and look nice with a long or short text
  • Semantic HTML
  • Easy to Install


  • Clean
  • Responsive
  • Modern

Easy Pinterest for WordPress


The Easy Pinterest plugin is just as advertised – easy. This simple widget lets you pull from a Pinterest user’s entire account (no specific board option). It also lets you put in a title for the widget, and it lets you choose how many images to show. And that’s it.

Provides Feature:

  • Adds a 300px wide Widget
  • Limited in the number of options it offers
  • Under the Settings > Easy Pinterest page
  • Block Pinterest from indexing your website
  • It fetches once per day


  • Very nice
  • Great support
  • Simple

Pinterest RSS Widget

16 1

The Pinterest RSS Widget plugin gives you a widget to work with, of course, but it also gives you a shortcode you can use to pull images into a Post or Page. The screenshot above is the shortcode in action.

Provides Feature:

  • The option of showing 4 different sizes
  • “Follow Me On Pinterest” button below the list of your pins
  • Version 1.3
  • Board in the widget or shortcode


  • Great plugin
  • Effectively
  • Very nice

Image Pinning by BestWebSoft

17 1

Image Pinning plugin is a useful social solution which adds the Pinterest Save button, Follows button, and widgets to your WordPress website. If you use this plugin, you will get almost every features in one place. Also, using this plugin is very easy. You will get complete installation and configuration instruction without any cost.

Provides Feature:

  • Automatically add Save button
  • Automatically add Follow button
  • Add Pinterest buttons via a shortcode, Pinterest widget
  • Set the custom language for the “Save” button
  • Choose Pin widget size
  • Set Board and Profile widget


  • Useful
  • Very nice
  • Great support

Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post

20 1

It provides a facility to pins your blog posts, images, and pages into your Pinterest account boards, and you can easily customize button size & color on hover. Furthermore, you can even enable or disable the button on a mobile & portable device. You can also translate it in any language etc.

Provides Feature:

  • Show Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover
  • Pinterest Pin It Button In Post, Page, and Settings
  • Customizable Button Color On Hover
  • Customizable Button Size On Hover


  • Flexible
  • Effective
  • Very nice

PI Button

21 1

This is one of the best WordPress Pinterest plugins for the WordPress users, as it has the best features to decorate your website pins nicely, it will not go abortive. The installation process of this plugin is not complicated; even the usage is too simple. Moreover, the “AccessPress Pinterest plugin” has the option to place the pin with the help of shortcode on your blog pages, and additionally allows you to use this plugin as widgets.

Provides Feature:

  • Pin it button for images
  • Configuration (size, shape)
  • Color customization
  • Language selection
  • Follow Pinterest button for website
  • Pinboard widgets
  • Pinterest profile widget
  • And more


  • Lightweight
  • Very nice
  • Great plugin

GS Pins for Pinterest

Wordpress Pinterest Plugin

This is one of the best responsive Pinterest plugins for WordPress to showcase Pinterest Pin. In addition, it is is simple, flexible & powerful. Let’s discover.

Provides Feature:

  • GS Pin Gutenberg Block available.
  • Responsive Pinterest Portfolio plugin
  • Pull latest pins from any Pinterest user
  • Display pins from a specific board
  • Choose the number of pins to display
  • Show or hide pin caption
  • Different Column options


  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Powerful


What do you think about this above collection of the best WordPress Pinterest plugins? We hope that it will be helpful for your websites. Besides, you can also go to Free WordPress Theme to have more attractive themes for your website. Thanks for reading.

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