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If you are seeking a super-easy way to execute various jQuery effects or functionality? There are must-have WordPress jQuery Plugins that will be up to your task.

The benefit of using WordPress jQuery Plugin

In cutting-edge technology, jQuery becomes more sought-after on the web since it helps enrich your website’s form experience for easier use, understanding, and flexibility. Furthermore, jQuery is fast, convenient, and supported by a multitude of web browsers. Right now, we will list a collection of the Top 7 Must-have WordPress jQuery Plugins in 2022! It is time to explore and find out which plugin suit your requirements.

Top amazing WordPress jQuery Plugin

jQuery T(-) Countdown Widget

Jquery T Countdown Widget – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

Need to show a countdown timer stuffed with healthy jQuery? T(- ) Countdown will give you simply that – in addition to loads of customization choices. Use it as a sidebar gadget or a Shortcode. This plugin is an ideal for educating one’s site guests regarding an upcoming occasion, for example, a pending space journey.

Provides Features:

  • Display a highly customizable HTML5 countdown timer
  • Inform one’s website visitors of an upcoming event
  • Highly customizable for your viewing pleasure


  • Great support
  • Easy to use
  • Smart

WP Featherlight

Lightbox is a basic jQuery module that overlays pictures on the present page. Furthermore, it is exceptionally simple to an arrangement and supports every single current program. This plugin also helps you to add minimal, high-performance, responsive jQuery lightbox to your WordPress Website.

Provides Features:

  • Display all standard WordPress images and galleries
  • WordPress images and galleries to be lightboxed
  • Lightbox videos, iframes, and ajax content with WP
  • Featherlight by adding data attributes to content


  • Elegant
  • Excellent
  • Good tool

Jquery Validation For Contact Form 7

Jquery Validation For Contact Form 7 – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

This module adds jQuery structure approval to the popular Contact Form 7. Moreover, it is effective to approve the substance of structure fields including URLs, email addresses, dates, numbers, and more. This tool is also an easy way to add validation rules, especially just contact form 7 fields.

Provides Features:

  • Adds Jquery Validation to Contact Form Fields.
  • Faster validation than of contact form core validation.
  • Allows field to be validated for url, date, and more.
  • Field Highlight features for invalid field data types.
  • Error message for individual fields.
  • Interactive validation that your users love.
  • Works with multiple forms now.
  • And more


  • Very useful tool
  • Excellent
  • Nice looking

jQuery Post Splitter

Jquery Post Splitter – Plugin Wordpress Wordpress Org

jQuery Post Splitter enables you to split up large posts into multiple pages and turn it into a unique slider. Furthermore, this plugin is friendly for users because it also comes up with a button “Split Page” and easy usage within the text editor.

Provides Features:

  • Posts and Pages can be divided into parts with page-breaks.
  • View full post optional link
  • Navigation captions can be edited
  • Custom HTML and CSS can be added above and below post slides
  • Scroll to top option is available for long posts
  • Exceptional support on wordpress.org


  • Effective
  • Hassle-free
  • Great tool

CB Responsive jQuery Accordion

Cb Responsive Jquery Accordion – Plugin Wordpress Wordpress Org

CB Responsive jQuery Accordion is great tool to support your website. You can use this shortcode [cb-jquery-faq] in any pages or posts, then enjoy it. Moreover, if you use this shortcode, this is the most flexible and easy to use for your website.

Provides Features:

  • Support all post type
  • Custom Post with shortcode support
  • Full-Color Customization
  • Responsive
  • And more


  • Nice
  • Easy to use
  • Great tool

WP jQuery DataTable

Wp Jquery Datatable – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

WP jQuery Datatable enables you to insert a table anywhere for displaying any information you want. Furthermore, you are able to access the relevant data immediately from the long table, saving time and effort. This module is helpful for precise requirements for your table usage.

Provides Features:

  • Show information about the table
  • Allow table pagination
  • Show table entries options
  • Allow table column ordering, define
  • Allow table searching
  • And more


  • Nice
  • Beautiful
  • Elegant

Version Control for jQuery

Wordpress Jquery Plugin

Version Control for jQuery is the easiest way to control the version of jQuery utilized on your site. If you want to cross-check your site with the different variants of jQuery? the plugin will consistently have the most recent minified form of jQuery prepared for you.

Provides Features:

  • Control the version of jQuery used on your website
  • Have the latest minified version of jQuery
  • Default to the latest pre-release
  • Deactivation returns your site to its original state


  • Good support
  • Nice looking
  • Work perfectly


We have just listed a collection of Top 7 WordPress jQuery Plugin In 2022 that is good choice for you. We are glad if you leave a comment below! Moreover, don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you find it useful. Besides, you can also go to free WordPress themes to have more eye-catching themes for your websites.

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