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Top 7 Popular WordPress Image Zoom Plugins

wordpress image zoom plugin

If you are running an online store, it is necessary to provide your customer with clear information about your products. We mean you should optimize the appearance of your products. If your customers get details of your products, they will easily visualize your products before making a purchase.

It is also the reason why you should use the WordPress image zoom plugin for your website so that you can provide your customers with a good view of your products. Below, we have hand-listed a collection of 7 excellent WordPress image zoom plugins that will help you handle this task. Let’s check them out.

The plus point of WordPress Image Zoom Plugins

You’re an online store owner? Do you have an art gallery on the Internet? Or do simply you want to enhance your website? One of the solutions is image zoomable functions. Flexible and zoomable images give your audience clear, and detailedly products or art photographs. As a result, your blog/website will attract more viewers. That’s why you should not ignore some useful WordPress Image Zoom Plugins we have collected in this article. Enjoy!

Let’s take a look Top WordPress Image Zoom Plugins

Zoom Magnifier for Woocommerce 

Let’s start with a tiny but amazing plugin. Zoom Magnifier for Woocommerce is simple, basic plugin for seeing the detail of product images. It also allow us zoom the images inside or outside the allocated zoom box.


  • Flexible zoom box size
  • Integrated with WooCommerce
  • Zoom on smartphone
  • Deselect zoom function for specific product category


  • Lightweight plugin
  • Multilingual support

WPB WooCommerce Image Zoom PRO 

This plugin will bring to your customers a highly customizable zoom in/out experiences on images. With various types of zoom and even zoom in image gallery, WPB WooCommerce Image Zoom PRO really optimize your conversion rate up to 35%.


  • Three kinds of zoom
  • Eliminate zoom for specific products or categories
  • Customizable zoomming lenses and window
  • LightBox slider


  • Smooth zoom quality
  • Lifetime update
  • Free support

Featured Image Zoom

Next, Featured Image Zoom helps you zoom the feature picture on just mouseover. Feature images play a crucial role in the site. Thus, you can optimize them to increase the conversion rate effectively.


  • Zoom on mouseover
  • Zoom shortcodes
  • Ability to tweak zoom dimension
  • Support touch devices


  • Basic but useful plugin
  • Awesome look

WP Image Zoom 


WP Image Zoom PRO is the most configurable plugin with various zooming types. It brings to your customer great experiences when interact, zoom image. It also provides many zooming effect for a clear, smooth observation.  


  • Customize place for zooming window 
  • Compatible with responsive screens
  • Lightbox zoom
  • Support for custom theme
  • Ability to work with portfolio & Easy Download Digital images
  • Customizable theme


  • Professional support
  • Compatible with variation products
  • Highly appreciated by professionals

Image Zoom Pan WordPress Plugin 

Image Zoom Pan WordPress Plugin is simple but crucial for your site. It allows you to twerk shortcodes for big smooth images. By this way, you can gain more and more satisfied viewers with clean, highly qualified zooming product images.


  • Enlarging single image or gallery 
  • Customizable background
  • Responsive interface
  • Ability to set bar position
  • Multiple Zoom Pan instance on the same page


  • Keeping up with the newest JQuery and WordPress
  • FAQ and source code included
  • No coding knowledge required


Another plugin that helps you enhance your image or even sales is WOOZOOm. You can use WOOZOOm as a magnifier or a image slider on wordpress. It is lightweight and very easy to use.


  • Different zoom types (Box, window, lens)
  • Zooms on mouseover or scroll wheel
  • Turn on/off “Image Easing” anytime
  • Ability to set the main image size and thumbnail size


  • Mobile-friendly
  • Easy to install and set up

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

wordpress image zoom plugin

Give your viewers a chance to observe your images detailedly with YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier. It also provides sliders besides feature images with your gallery images.


  • Ability to custom the dimension of zoom box
  • Turn on/off responsive function
  • Product images thumbnail on sliders


  • Nice plugin
  • Great magnifier effect

Wrapping Up

We have recommended to you the top useful WordPress Image Zoom Plugins. We hope this post will help you to choose the most suitable plugins for your blog/website. This is important because it will bring a satisfying surfing experience to your audience. By the way, if you are looking for a stunning theme for your WordPress house, why don’t take a look at our free WordPress theme?

Thank you for visiting us. Comment below with your opinion and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help!