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Top 7 Excellent WordPress Featured Image Plugins

wordpress featured image plugin

Save your time with WordPress Featured Image Plugin!

The dominant point of WordPress Featured Image Plugin

Featured images play an essential role in WordPress themes or sites. They represent the content of a blog, a post, or a page; however, it normally takes too much time to set. If you have ever wondered if there is any plugin to add, edit or remove featured images in just a few steps, this article might be helpful for you! Today we are going to show you the top best WordPress Featured Image Plugins recently.

Top WordPress Featured Image Plugins

Quick Featured ImagesQuick Featured Images

With the capacity of managing a large amount of featured thumbnails, Quick Featured Images would be a ideal solution for you to save time significantly. You can create, fix or delete just within minutes and set featured images for future posts as well.


  • Provide flexible filters to limit activity to selected posts and pages
  • Add, replace or delete featured images with a click
  • Options to overwrite existing default images
  • Available in many languages
  • and more.


  • No conflicts with other plugins
  • Easy to use.

Featured Image from URL

Another effective WordPress featured image plugin that we would like to recommend to you is Featured Image from URL. Featuring professional functions in managing featured images, it would be one of the best plugins to get post thumbnail quickly.


  • Ability to add external image as featured image
  • Include or remove featured images automatically
  • Operate smoothly with unusual image URLs
  • Suited to WooCommerce import
  • and more.


  • Great support
  • Super fast and precise
  • Save a lot of hosting storage.

Dynamic WordPress Featured Image Plugin

Dynamic Featured Image has become one of the best WordPress featured image plugin so far due to its amazing features. You are able to add many images as you want without writing any code.


  • Ability to have multiple featured images within one post/page
  • Add images without using code
  • Show images in your theme
  • and more.


  • Excellent support
  • Able to customize the template.

Featured Images in RSS for Mailchimp & Other Email

Featured Images in RSS was created in San Diego and has been installed by more than 30.000 times with good reviews. This plugin is a perfect solution for the ones that have had troubles in setting featured images to Mailchip. It also works effectively with services using RSS feed data.


  • Ability to choose different size
  • Ability to choose image position
  • Add spacing between image and the body content
  • and more.


  • Easy to use
  • Great support
  • Works great with mailchimp.

Default WordPress Featured Image Plugin

If you are looking for a simple yet effective plugin to add featured image to your pages or posts, Default featured image could be the most suitable for you. Working perfectly within few clicks, it would save you from a lot of headache and provide you amazing results.


  • Display default featured image by using default WordPress functions
  • Ability to give a different image for several categories
  • Exclude feature images on a selected page
  • and more.


  • Does the job at only couple of clicks
  • Good support
  • Fits nicely with many other plugins.

Featured Image Admin Thumb


Are you finding an easy and fast method to get post thumbnail? Featured Image Admin Thumb would definitely be the best option for you! With this amazing plugin, you don’t have to take a lot of time to find and change featured image since they are listed clearly for you to edit within simple steps.


  • Ability to change image without editing the post
  • Display thumbnail of featured images by a column.


  • Makes it easier to reference
  • Able to click on the thumbnail and change it
  • Excellent support.

Display Featured Image for Genesis

Display Featured Image for Genesis has a different strategy to use and show default featured pictures. Rather than basically reusing a existing image in the post/page, this WordPress featured image plugin forecasts that you will need to utilize beautiful enormous pictures for your default featured pictures based on what you post.


  • Ability to choose default or fallback image within a taxonomy
  • Provides several minimal styling for banner images or titles
  • Insert featured image to RSS feed
  • and more.


  • Works very well with Genesis theme
  • Easily adds much visual appeal to pages
  • Awesome support.

Wrap Up

That’s all of the collection! We hope you can find the best plugin to get post thumbnail for your posts and pages! If this article is helpful for you, please share it with your friend. And here is a source of free WordPress theme, you can discover lots of incredible ones that you can use for your sites!

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