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List of 6 Popular Custom CSS WordPress Plugins

custom CSS wordpress plugin

Make adding custom CSS a breeze with Custom CSS WordPress Plugin!

The prominent point of Custom CSS WordPress Plugins

Are you tired of spending far too much time adding custom CSS code for various themes and having lots of trouble dealing with them? So, it’s time to install a Custom CSS WordPress Plugin that could facilitate your work related to CSS. These plugins enable you to add or modify custom CSS without hassles and improve the appearance of your WordPress site. For this reason, here are seven simple yet effective custom CSS plugins that we have selected for you!

Let’s check out Top Custom CSS WordPress Plugins

Simple Custom CSS WordPress Plugin

Simple Custom CSS is the first WordPress Custom CSS Plugin that we want to introduce to you. Having incredible features has made it the best plugin for inserting custom CSS to your site. Especially if you want to add your own CSS, this plugin can help you do it flawlessly. And regardless of whether the theme is changed, styles made with it will render.


  • Code Syntax Highlighter included
  • Code linting supported
  • No need for configuration
  • Provide comprehensive documentation.


  • Simple and lightweight
  • Has a decent sized viewer
  • Allowed to access on Multisite.

WP Add Custom CSS

WP Add Custom CSS has been considered as one of the best way to override your themes and plugins by many users. With this plugin, you can add custom CSS either to a specific pages/posts or to the whole website at once.


  • CSS rules to override the stylesheet
  • Ability to customize stylesheet from setting page
  • Insert custom CSS to pages, posts or custom post types
  • Several languages available.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Great for themes that don’t have CSS per page/post available.

Simple Custom CSS and JS

Simple Custom CSS and JS would be something you want to give a look if you are searching for a plugin that give you ability to add custom CSS without the need to customize your themes. It’s a ideal solution to insert custom CSS tweaks as well.


  • Put code inline or in external file, in header or footer
  • Insert CSS/JS in admin side or front-end
  • Offer text editor including syntax highlighting
  • Unlimited number of code to add.


  • Great support
  • User friendly.

Custom CSS and Javascript

Here is an brilliant alternative to add custom CSS styles or Javascript code to your website! With the ability to override theme’s styles and add functionality, Custom CSS and Javascript definitely won’t make you disappointed.


  • Syntax highlighting editor
  • AJAX to prevent reloading after each save
  • Ability to save draft and preview before publishing
  • Built-in minify supported.


  • Add javascript and css without having to change the code of the theme
  • Simple and easy to navigate and use
  • Fast support.

Simple CSS – Custom CSS WordPress Plugin

Simple CSS is another popular WordPress plugin to add custom CSS to your sites. The name says it all! This is a user-friendly plugin that could help you a lot with its amazing features. No configuration needed. As soon as installing the plugin, you will be surprised by how flawless it works for your sites.


  • Provide feature-rich admin CSS editor
  • Apply CSS for particular posts or pages with metabox
  • Offer dark/light theme option
  • Ability to live preview with CSS editor.


  • Clean & easy to use
  • Full-width editor option
  • Makes your additional CSS theme independent
  • Many features in customizer.

CSS & JavaScript Toolbox

CSS & JavaScript Toolbox is a simple Custom CSS WordPress Plugin that is widely used lately. It allows you to add not only CSS but also JavaScript, HTML or PHP code to CJT Code Blocks. By this plugin, you are able to assign these code wherever you want on your WordPress website.


  • Insert CSS/JavaScript/PHP/HTML to posts, pages, tags, etc.
  • No need for customizing theme files to create front-end
  • No need for core hack or custom plugin to add functionality
  • FTP not required.


  • Reliable and user-friendly
  • Excellent code optimisation tools
  • Error free coding without the hacks.


Now it’s your turn to choose the most suitable custom CSS plugin! We do believe that you could solve your problems successfully with the plugins we have introduced. Please share this article and check out our free WordPress theme!

Thank you for reading! Leave your comment below and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question!