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Christmas is known as an important part of the spiritual life of many people as well as many countries. On this occasion, people will decorate their houses, prepare gifts as well as organize Christmas parties with family and friends. If you are advertising Christmas-related products, don’t forget to give your website an attractive Christmas look. Today, we will present you with the collection of attractive xMas WordPress Theme 2021!

Why should you try xMas WordPress Theme?

Firstly, in terms of the site interface, using the xMas theme will make your website eye-catching and full of a Christmas atmosphere. This will give potential customers a pleasant and enjoyable when they visit your website. Besides, there are many outstanding features that these themes provide you, helping you design and build your website that is suitable for the Christmas season. Displaying Christmas products will become easier and more convenient. It sounds great, right? If that’s what you’re looking for, don’t waste time, let’s explore the following collection!

List Of Attractive xMas WordPress Theme

LT xMas Gift

Lt Xmas Gift

The first theme we would like to introduce to you is LT xMas Gift. With the help of Elementor Page Builder, it’s easy and simple for you to have a drag-drop layout. In addition, you are able to customize your site with various handy functions. Now, you can freely display all the Christmas products on your site in your own style without any trouble. Last but not least, this theme also comes with a totally responsive layout, allowing your clients to visit your site no matter what devices they are using. If you are interested in LT xMas Gift, let’s check out the demo and try it now!

TPG Xmas

Tpg Xmas

The second xMas WordPress theme in this list is TPG Xmas. With an interface with red as the main color, the Christmas atmosphere seems to come to envelop the site. Thanks to Elementor compatibility, this theme is promised to give you many prominent features to build up your site. So, it’s not too difficult and complicated to turn your old website into an online Christmas store. Furthermore, since this theme is responsive, your customers can easily and smoothly surf your site on their mobile gadgets with high quality. Don’t miss a good chance to engage more clients with TPG Xmas!

WS Christmas

Ws Christmas

Thirdly, WS Christmas is a suggested option you should try. In other words, this WordPress theme is ready for you to use with the help of Elementor integration. A drag-drop layout combined with a lot of useful features will be available for you to design your site without much technical know-how requirements. What’s more? With a user-friendly interface, it will also make your customers feel satisfied as they can visit your site on their mobile devices. Christmas is coming, why don’t you see the demo and get it for your website to grab more potential clients’ attention?

ET Christmas

Et Christmas

Fourthly, we want to bring you ET Christmas – a wonderful recommendation for your site on the Christmas occasion. That is to say, this theme provides you with a large number of dominant functions, supporting you to develop your site effectively. Especially, because this theme is built based on Elementor Page Builder, it’s easy for you to design your site with a drag-drop function. Thus, you can simply display all the Christmas items on an eye-catching and clear interface. A completely responsive layout is also available so that your clients can access your site smoothly.

LT Joyful

Lt Joyful

The fifth Xmas WordPress theme you shouldn’t miss is LT Joyful. Like the themes above, the highlight of this theme is the ability to build websites in a drag and drop format thanks to Elementor. Besides that, it comes with various supporting features and plugin integration, you will feel easy and effective to build a Christmas website without any problem. Moreover, don’t forget that LT Joyful is fully responsive, which means your customers are able to utilize their mobile gadgets to access your site conveniently.

Xmas Biz

Xmas Biz

Are you looking to change your web interface so that it has a more Christmas atmosphere with white snow, snowman, and pine trees? Let’s try Xmas Biz now! This theme will assist you to customize your site without much coding skills. Furthermore, you can get more handy functions to boost your site effectively. Don’t miss it!



The next theme in this list is StoreXmas. That is to say, this theme is the best option for you when you wish to build an online store to sell Christmas items. With an eye-catching interface and a streamlined and clean layout, we are sure that your customers will have a great experience when entering your website.

Xmas Lite

Xmas Lite

Another recommended theme for you today is Xmas Lite. By using this WordPress theme, you are effectively able to present all the Christmas products as well as share the related information on your site. What’s more? You can freely divide the products into different topics so that customers can easily choose. This will make them feel satisfied when they decide to purchase anything on your online store.



If you want to own a Christmas website with shimmering and brilliant colors, EventPress is a fantastic recommendation for you. With the assistance of an e-commerce platform, this theme won’t let you feel disappointed whenever you need to showcase the Christmas products on your site.

Christmas Shop

Christmas Shop

Christmas Shop is another theme you can check out if you desire to own an online Christmas shop. With the red color for the background, this theme will make your Christmas products become more outstanding and make an impression on your potential clients easily. In addition, there are many useful features that are ready for you to use and build your site in your own way. Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to make your site become sweeter!

Christmas Bell

Christmas Bell

If you are looking to share sweet and memorable images of Christmas moments, Christmas Bell is appropriate for you. By using it, you are able to showcase all the Christmas images with snow, snowman, pine tree, and Xmas gift. With the support of various outstanding features, this WordPress enables you to design your site without much effort. Like it? Let’s see the demo now!



Are you seeking a WordPress theme for Christmas that provides a friendly and eye-catching interface? Let’s try Snowflakes. In other words, this theme will help you design your site and display all products related to Xmas without much coding knowledge. By using it, you are also able to share Christmas information and photos to attract more customers to surf your site.

X Business

X Business

If you are running a business and want to give your business site a Christmas appearance, why don’t you check out the X Business theme? This theme will allow you to edit your site interface and change it into the one you want easily.



The last theme in this collection is SantaMas. With the WordPress theme, you can showcase the Christmas atmosphere without using red color. That makes your site become more outstanding in a lot of Christmas websites. Thanks to a lot of great functions, you can conveniently customize your site and give it a look exactly how you want.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, we hope that the xMas WordPress Theme collection today will help you choose a good one for your site. If you have any question about this topic, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below. In case you need to explore more themes in other topics, let’s check out Free WordPress Themes here. Thanks for your reading!

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