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Do you want your dedicated projects not to be stolen by others? Then, using WordPress Watermark Plugins is a simple way to apply a watermark to your work. As a result, it will help protect your projects from stealing and using them without permission. In this blog, we will introduce a list of outstanding WordPress Watermark Plugins that will help you keep your work safe from thieves.

The outstanding feature of the WordPress Watermark Plugin

As a graphic designer or a photographer, you always want to protect your work and prevent them from being stolen. One of the most effective ways to help you do it is by creating a watermark for images that are uploaded to your site. Watermark can be text, image (png or gif), or both that help you to bookmark owner. Understanding your need, today, we provide you with top best WordPress Watermark Plugin that can help you finish this task in real-time. Let’s refer to our blog and get the most suitable one!

Top WordPress Watermark Plugins

Image Watermark

Image Watermark – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

Image Watermark gives you a capacity to watermark the photos which were moved to the WordPress Media Library in an altered manner. Likewise, you can utilize this module to mass watermark moved pictures starting at now. This WordPress Watermark Plugin in like way gives you 3 methodologies to apply watermark size, for example, amazingly, scaled, and extraordinary.

Provided features:

  • Mass watermark
  • GD LIbrary and ImageMagic support
  • Picture stronghold handiness
  • Choice to expel watermark
  • Flexible watermark position
  • Watermark picture review
  • Set watermark balance
  • Additionally, the sky is the limit starting there


  • Noteworthy and fundamental module
  • Consistent
  • Work consummately

Easy Watermark

Easy Watermark – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

Easy Watermark connects with you to embed a watermark for your photos when you move them to your WordPress media library. The picture watermark can be a JPG, PNG, or GIF. Besides, this module also empowers you to watermark your musical development pictures in a manual manner: you can decide to watermark all the while or each and every image.

Provided features:

  • Full help for straightforwardness and alpha channel
  • JPG and GIF records and substance can have dinkiness set
  • Content watermark is made utilizing TTF content styles
  • Content hiding, size, and upset can be set
  • All inborn picture sizes can be watermarked
  • Module can make picture fortresses and licenses to reestablish pictures


  • Pack
  • Inconceivable module
  • Astonishing strategy

Watermark RELOADED

Watermark Reloaded – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

Watermark RELOADED gives you an ability to watermark the photos that you moved. Also, you can similarly create your own watermark with different shades and content styles. After that you can apply them for different picture sizes, for instance, medium, thumbnail, colossal or full size. This watermark module also allows you to put watermark at any place and you can get a second audit of what they resemble on the moved pictures.

Provided features:

  • Watermark cloudiness
  • Content watermark with factors
  • Move time choice to kill the watermarking
  • Picture watermark
  • Watermark establishment concealing
  • Content watermark with chart
  • A ton also shocking features


  • Direct and incredible
  • Work mind-blowing

Signature Watermark

Signature Watermark – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

Signature Watermark gives you a choice to present a watermark for the whole of your photos which are moved into WP Media Library. Besides, this WordPress Watermark Plugin makes you help direct substance watermarks including size, straightforwardness, and adaptable stowing away. You can in like manner get the ability to manage the closeness of your watermark sufficiently.

Provided features:

  • Flexible JPEG Image Output Quality
  • Most amazing Watermarks
  • Genuinely Apply Watermarks to Images Previously Uploaded
  • Totally Adjustable Text and Image Watermark Positions
  • Lifetime Priority Support and Update License


  • Easy to use
  • Grand help
  • Work satisfactorily

Scissors and Watermark

Scissors And Watermark – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

Scissors and Watermark draw in you to embed different functionalities for your WordPress pictures, for example, resizing, turning, and cutting them. Additionally, this module comparatively gives you a capacity to help your picture watermarking in a tweaked and manual way.

Provided features:

  • Consolidate modifying, resizing, and turning esteem
  • Modified resizing of pictures
  • In this manner resample pictures to the referenced size
  • Improve the undeniable picture quality


  • Five beginning and top choice
  • Work fine
  • Amazing module

DMCA WaterMarker

Dmca Watermarker – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

DMCA WaterMarker awards you to empower watermarking for a specific facilitator on your blog, for example, the picture envelope. Besides, this module additionally empowers you to embed a DMCA security Badge for your WordPress site. It in like way makes you shield your blog’s substance and photographs from made debasement sensibly.

Provided features:

  • Connect with watermarking for a particular envelope
  • Shield your blog’s substance and pictures from formed twisting
  • Add a DMCA Protection Badge to your site


  • Productive module
  • Simple to utilize

Watermark WP Image Protect

Watermark Wp Image Protect – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

This is an effective WordPress Watermark Plugin that helps you to create a watermark for all of your images in real-time. Watermark WP Image Protect allows you to apply text watermarks for all sites as well as set text, color, background, and font of your watermark. It also specifies the threshold in order to apply watermarks.

Provided features:

  • Alter, reposition or remove all Watermarks
  • View Image Statistics
  • Apply text watermarks to all of your site
  • Set the text, font, color, size, and background
  • Specify threshold to apply watermarks
  • Exclude individual images


  • Pretty nice
  • Work perfectly
  • Effective plugin

CyberProjekt Image Watermark

Cyberprojekt Image Watermark – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

As you most likely are aware, watermark can be a picture or a book that is added to your picture. Because of utilizing this module, you can get a lot of alternatives, for example, setting size and position of the watermark, turning pictures transferred by EXIF data. CyberProjekt Image Watermark also causes you to watermark physically from your media or legitimately from your records.

Provided features:

  • Pivot transferred pictures by EXIF information
  • Manual watermarking from library
  • Set the position and size of the watermark


  • Incredible watermark
  • Grateful module

Smart Watermark

Wordpress Watermark Plugin

Smart Watermark gives you a decision to implant a watermark for pictures that you moved. By using it, through mass getting ready instruments, you can install a watermark for your old pictures. This module moreover gives you an ability to channel your image size from least width to least height.

Provided features:

  • Live audit
  • Specific watermark decisions for each medium report
  • Restore to firsts
  • Watermark position
  • Watermark offset
  • Picture expanding channel
  • WordPress picture size channel
  • Straightforwardness support
  • In like manner, that is only the start


  • Heap of features
  • Work unbelievable


WordPress Watermark Plugin is a helpful tool that can help you to create watermarks for your images. Let’s leave a comment below if you have any questions! Moreover, don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you find it useful.

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