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Top 7 Amazing WordPress RSS Feed Plugin

WordPress RSS feed plugin

Boost Audience Engagement With WordPress RSS Feed Plugin!

Why should you try WordPress RSS Feed Plugin?

You are thinking that RSS was dead, right? According to recent statistics, RSS has still been the first choice of many professional developers. For those who haven’t known yet, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed that allows users to be updated on new content and information so that you can effectively divert traffic to your websites. Now, let’s take a look at our collection of the top 7 WordPress RSS feed plugins that you must try in 2022!

Let’s explore Top WordPress RSS Feed Plugin

FEEDZY RSS Feeds Lite – WordPress RSS Feed Plugin

The first WordPress RSS Feed Plugin that we would like to introduce to you is FEEDZY, a simple but incredible plugin for content curation, news aggregator, autoblogging, and importing RSS Feeds. Thereby, you can get visitors read your content and improve SEO significantly.


  • Import unlimited feeds from RSS Feed sources automatically
  • Import multiple feed sources into categories in bulk
  • Display RSS feeds by shortcodes, Gutenberg blocks or third-party widgets
  • Ability to manage amount of items to show
  • Options to insert your own image for feeds.


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for medium feeds
  • Great support.

WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator has been considered as the most thorough and powerful plugin for importing, displaying and merging RSS or Atom feeds. Having lots of amazing features, this WordPress RSS feed plugin would be one of the best solution for you to develop your site.


  • Unlimited amount of source to import
  • Display items by using shortcodes or block
  • Provides modifiable templates with different styling options
  • Automatically import feed with worldwide timetables.


  • Offers some impressive features
  • Great support.

Category Specific RSS feed Subscription

Unlike the others which focus on importing stuff, Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription classifies your content into categories so that your readers can easily find what they are interested in. Thereby, they won’t be annoyed with too much different content that your sites have published.


  • Options to create RSS feed menu for each tag with basic shortcodes
  • Ability to display tags RSS feeds for certain post
  • Permission to show RSS feed for specific categories.


  • Works without fidgeting on code and other stuff
  • Great for category-only RSS.

WordPress RSS Feed Retriever

Another best RSS plugin for WordPress we are going to recommend to you is WordPress RSS Feed Retriever. By using shortcodes, this WordPress RSS Feed Plugin imports and displays RSS feeds effectively within just few steps.


  • Display RSS feed using shortcode
  • Straightforward, lightweight, and quick
  • Cache-control option
  • Ability to combine multiple RSS feeds.


  • Easy to use in pages and in text widgets
  • Exceptionally easy to implement
  • Very lightweight.

WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher

With more than 20000 installations, WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher has been believed to be one of the best RSS plugin for wordpress so far. It publishes your content routinely from RSS/Atom or XML feeds.


  • Ability to import multiple feeds
  • Arrange RSS feeds into categories
  • Define links for specific words
  • Option to insert featured images.


  • Easy to set up and very fast
  • Excellent support
  • Perfect for auto blogging.

Super RSS Reader

Super RSS Reader doesn’t have advanced functions like other plugin that we mentioned in this list. However, if you basically want to show recent items on your sites, give it a try and you won’t be dissapointed!


  • Adds news ticker like effect using jQuery
  • Adjustable with several inbuilt color and external styles
  • RSS or atom feed support
  • Show post thumbnail if available.


  • Plenty of options and super customizable
  • Perfect For Editors’ Picks Feeds
  • Nice formatting.

RSSImport – WordPress RSS Feed Plugin

WordPress RSS feed pluginRSSImport is an easy-to-use WordPress RSS feed plugin that works with a PHP, a shortcode or a widget. After a few of clicks to install, you will be amazed by how efficient it operates for your blog.


  • Multi language ready
  • Select the quantity of items to display
  • Insert string or HTML at different positions of feed text.


  • Simple yet configurable for pulling in RSS feeds
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Excellent shortcode use.


That’s the end of our article! Hope you will find the best RSS plugin for WordPress that matches your need. Please share it with your friend and discover amazing free WordPress theme here!

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