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List of Best WordPress Business Directory Plugins

wordpress business directory plugin

Do you want to organize your listing effectively? Using WordPress Business Directory Plugin is regarded as a great solution to provide online directories that make it easy for people to locate any listed services. For that reason, in today’s blog, we would like to introduce a list of must-have WordPress business directory plugins that will not let you be disappointed.

The good point of the WordPress Business Directory Plugin

A business Directory is an essential factor that helps you to simplify hundreds of complicated tasks that are involved to controlling a business directory. Thanks to this tool, you can arrange your management, search, and filtering options as well as featured listing management. Because of these powerful features, installing this kind of plugin can help you with a lot of things. Therefore, today we provide you with a top high-quality WordPress Business Directory Plugin which absolutely benefits you. Refer our blog and get the best one!

Top WordPress Business Directory Plugins

Directorist – Business Directory Plugin

Directorist is a faltering WordPress Business Directory Plugin that incorporates various features for you to use, for instance, key adjustment, email denounces, included posting, and so forth. In addition, through this module, you can install cost to a posting nearly as flip any decisions.

Provided features:

  • Mind boggling with any subjects
  • Work by a social affair and kept up by an alliance
  • Refreshed and shrewd
  • Worked for any ace reference or classified  site
  • Adaptable various other options
  • Perfect with any subjects
  • Extendable and engineer neighborly


  • Unbelievable help
  • Astonishing module
  • Neighborly worth

Business Directory Plugin – Directories for WordPress

Business Directory Plugin is one of the most standard and simple to utilize modules that give you an ability to store up joint exertion for your site enough. Besides, this module in like way makes you update your customer help similarly as decision the remuneration passing on fragment. This WordPress Business Directory Plugin in like manner grants you to take any postings that you need and a short period of time later make a close to overview or load of business providers.

Provided features:

  • Move pictures per posting
  • Stores of picture choices
  • See isolate for postings
  • Worked in CSV import and segment
  • Orchestrating choices for classes, postings
  • Site progress Friendly using Yoast SEO
  • Free postings in your lord asset
  • See separates using
  • Full assistance for rehashing allotments
  • Additionally, that is just a concise glance at something greater


  • Stunning assistance
  • Dazzling
  • Recommended

Connections Business Directory

This WordPress Business Directory Plugin engages you to make a major domain book correspondingly as help you to keep up a portion or staff report needs. What’s more, Connections Business Directory also licenses you to implant a business photo or logo of the staff part for each zone in your staff vault or ace asset.

Provided features:

  • Mind blowing with all subjects
  • Supports the WordPress Block Editor
  • On a very basic level assessed help
  • Solidify a business logo or photo of the staff part
  • Constantly revived bringing you new features
  • CSV Import of nested courses of action
  • Work limit support
  • Dashboard head page
  • Different fragment types from which to pick
  • Control which fragments


  • Significant use
  • Remarkable assistance
  • Splendid module

GeoDirectory – Business Directory Plugin

GeoDirectory connects with you to make a nearby rundown which is as exhibited by a solitary zone. Plus, this module makes you loosen up to different districts comparatively as make a general file. Here is in like way an astounding course of action since it gives you a front end structure to awards you change by techniques for a characteristic structure producer.

Provided features:

  • Make a near to list
  • A front end structure
  • Extraordinary with essentially any topic
  • CSV import, pass on, re-import for postings, game plans
  • Rapidly make a front-end comfort structure
  • 40+ contraptions/shortcodes/squares.
  • An adaptable Google Maps contraption
  • Worked in structures for User Reviews
  • Business Enquiry through Ninja Forms mix.
  • No doubt


  • In a general sense the best
  • Phenomenal help
  • Quality thing

Name Directory

This module gives you an ability to insert name or term lists for your WP installation. Name Directory also supports various vaults in only one WP foundation and you can in like manner use it to create various indexes and a short time later re-try them.

Provided features:

  • Show/Hide the most present entries
  • Pick the amount of areas to appear
  • Mastermind it in any case a letter dependent on your own inclination
  • Limit the amount of words in the delineation
  • Incorporate name/term files
  • Reinforce different records
  • Furthermore, anything is possible from that point


  • Fundamental and cool
  • Incredible
  • Marvelous assistance

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro is a pushed, high-bore, and versatile WordPress Business Directory Plugin that enables you to manufacture any kind of list site as you need. Additionally, you can moreover plan your postings across subcategories and unbounded groupings as well.

Provided features:

  • Create your postings
  • Flexibility to set an unlimited proportion of custom fields
  • Adaptable field type gatherings
  • Pick which of the presenting nuances on appear
  • Dispense indistinguishable number of extra fields from you like to your classes
  • Set different fields as required
  • Relationship with the chase device


  • Interested
  • Super assistance
  • Shocking

Classified Listing

Classified Listing licenses you to make a depicted posting site in a basic way. This module in like manner has many back end settings for head and front end progress posting the board structure. Through it, customers can insert, fix up or remove their post at whatever point.

Provided features:

  • Report as Abuse.
  • Auto or Manually posting help.
  • Cash control
  • Secludes and PayPal Payment structure
  • Full Control of Email mail message and notice.
  • Add to Favorites
  • Contact structure on Listing purpose of union Page.
  • No of Image control per posting.
  • Essential, Link, Button and Label concealing control.
  • Picture size control for Thumbnail, Gallery
  • Also, that is just a hint of something greater


  • Incredible module
  • Unfathomably splendid depicted module
  • Remarkable

Simple Business Directory with Google Maps

wordpress business directory plugin

Here is remarkable stood apart from different WordPress Business Directory Plugin that urges you to make creative and rich ace reference on your site. Simple Business Directory with Google Maps can additionally grant you to change your site into a system driven position site. Unmistakable stunning features are joined for you to use it enough.

Provided features:

  • 4 Beautiful, Responsive Templates
  • Vast Business Listings
  • Addition Option for your Directories
  • Framed true blue assistance
  • Tap to Call
  • Show Single List of All Lists
  • Snap to Go to Website or Call
  • Immediate and Quick Short Code Generator
  • Moreover, that is only the start
  • Highlights:
  • Shocking assistance
  • Incomprehensible module
  • Shocking features


WordPress Business Directory Plugin is a necessary tool that can allow you to manage your listings well. Let’s leave a comment below if you have any questions! Moreover, don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you find it useful.

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