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10 Amazing WordPress Author Bio Plugins

wordpress author bio plugin

Do you want to display the author bio box on your WordPress post? In fact, displaying the author bio section is important to any website. Since it not only helps build a solid personal connection with your loyal readers but also enhances the trust and authority of your content.

To help you quickly find the best plugin that allows you to add an author bio box to your website, in today’s blog, we will show you a list of 10 prevalent WordPress Author Bio Plugins that let you display an author bio box with plenty of additional information such as avatar, social media links, and much more. Now, let’s check them out.

The prominent point of WordPress Author Bio Plugin

Have you ever felt the need to include the author’s information in your post to let people know the writer of the article? In this way, you can improve your site’s credibility as well as add value to its work. Therefore, we have selected the 10 best WordPress Author Bio Plugin that allows you to add detail about the author within a box to your posts. With these plugins, you will make it easier for readers to communicate with the author through social media, email, websites, etc.

Let’s try Top WordPress Author Bio Plugin

Starbox – WordPress Author Bio Plugin

Starbox is one of the most popular author box plugin for WordPress in recent years. It helps you create an awesome and great-looking author box, which makes visitors can’t help but click to know more about authors. Moreover, you can either put the box at the bottom or below your articles.


  • Multiple themes
  • Select author box position
  • Support JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF for profile image
  • Ability to display related posts by specific author
  • Link to social profiles
  • Google Authorship support.


  • Simple but good looking
  • Lightweight and professional
  • Easily customizable
  • Nice set of options.

Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box is a reliable and easy solution to add author bio box on your site. It takes only minutes to setup the plugin, then you can implement it effectively with tons of customization provided. You can even add more than 30 social profile fields on user profile and display social icons for better performance.


  • Display author name, gravatar, description, website, and social icons
  • Automatically add author box below posts
  • RTL & AMP support
  • Ability to change author box position
  • Enable co-authors and guest authors.


  • Lightweight and simple
  • Good-looking
  • Great support
  • Highly customizable.

Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup

Here is another awesome author box plugin that you can use to make your posts look eye-catching and outstanding along with author box. Using Fancier Author Box, you can enhance the connection with your audience and get more engagement on social networks.


  • Select position to show in posts
  • Option to show in page or Freebies
  • Ability to display related posts
  • Color settings for different elements
  • Allow to link to social media.


  • Easy to use
  • Many options
  • Works without PHP knowledge
  • Nice looking.

WP About Author – WordPress Author Bio Plugin

WP About Author has been considered one of the easiest methods to create an author bio at the end of your posts. It works flawlessly with WordPress built-in profiles and includes lots of amazing capabilities for customization. You also can add some popular social media fields to expand profile pages, thereby making it easier for users to reach out the authors.


  • Display in selected pages
  • 3 border styles
  • Allow to insert icons and text links to social media profile
  • Use color picker to change background color
  • Ability to change shape and size of profile image.


  • Clean design
  • Easy to use
  • Wonderful widget
  • No over weight scripts.

Author Bio Box

Author Bio Box is another choice that is suitable for those who are searching of a straightforward and simple one. Similar as the others on this list, the plugin allows you to display a box with author’s information and social icons below the posts. Furthermore, you can insert photo and design how to display them according to your needs with various settings included.


  • Choose where to display author box
  • Ability to change gravatar size
  • Customize background, text, title and border
  • Allow to link to different social media
  • Option to insert biographical info.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple and classy
  • Very helpful.

Author Avatars List

Author Avatars List is a perfect solution if you want to display all your authors in one place. What sets it apart from others is the ability to insert single avatars for users instead of just listing them. Besides, the plugin takes advantage of built-in WordPress so it is simple and intuitive for you to use without any hassles.


  • Allow to change avatar size
  • Ability to adjust sorting order
  • Limit number of avatars to be showed
  • Ability to hide certain users
  • Option to group by blogs.


  • Lots of options
  • Developer friendly
  • Simple and useful.

Molongui Authorship

Next up, we have a popular and creditable WordPress Author Bio Plugin that is called Molongui Authorship. It has become the favorite of many thanks to its unique and excellent function. Some highlight features of this plugin is adding bylines without creating account, supporting multiple authors and displaying related posts within an author box.


  • 3 author box layout
  • Over 70 social networks support
  • Option to display byline link
  • Ability to display related posts within the author box
  • Live preview available.


  • Easy to use
  • A lot of features
  • Excellent support.

About Author – WordPress Author Bio Plugin

A further author box plugin that we would like to introduce to you is About Author. With the help of shortcode and widget, it is a handy plugin to let you add and manage where and how to display author bio box on your posts.


  • Multiple author templates
  • Display author name, bio, description, website
  • Live preview
  • Shortcode and widgets support.


  • Prompt support
  • Works amazing
  • Quite stable.

Ultimate Author Box Lite

If you are finding a plugin to add well-designed and beautiful author bio box to your posts, Ultimate Author Box Lite is something you shouldn’t miss out. The plugin comes with tabs so that you can add additional information of author easily. Furthermore, you can use either shortcode or widgets to list your authors at any place on your site.


  • 5 templates packs
  • Insert unlimited tabs to author box
  • Disable author box for specific user roles
  • Add author latest posts with author box
  • Choose place to display author box.


  • Easy to use
  • Responsive service
  • Cool features
  • Easily customizable.

Wrap Up

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