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Waterbury Animal Control

Waterbury Animal Control is a municipal agency responsible for animal welfare and control services within the city of Waterbury, Connecticut. Located at 200 Municipal Rd, Waterbury, CT 06708, the facility is open from 8 AM to 4 PM daily and can be reached at (203) 574-6909.

As the primary authority for animal-related issues in Waterbury, Waterbury Animal Control carries out a variety of critical functions. The agency responds to reports of stray, abandoned, or dangerous animals, rescuing them and providing temporary shelter, food, and veterinary care as needed. They also enforce local ordinances related to pet ownership, licensing, and leash laws, issuing citations when necessary.

In addition, Waterbury Animal Control works to reunite lost pets with their owners, maintain records on impounded animals, and facilitate pet adoptions through partnerships with local animal rescue organizations. They play an important role in promoting responsible pet ownership and ensuring the wellbeing of both domesticated and wild animals within the Waterbury community.

With a team of dedicated animal control officers, Waterbury Animal Control strives to protect public safety while treating all creatures with compassion. As a key resource for residents, the agency helps to create a humane environment where people and animals can coexist peacefully.