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Replacing any sidebar or widget areas in any WordPress sites with the best WordPress Sidebar Plugin!

The dominant point of WordPress Sidebar Plugin

If you are finding a plugin that helps you replace sidebars and other widget areas on your websites easily, our collection today will be extremely useful for you. We provide you a list of top best free WordPress Sidebar Plugin that helps you select the most suitable for yourself.

Top WordPress Sidebar Plugin

1. Custom Sidebars – Dynamic Widget Area Manager

Custom Sidebars – Dynamic Widget Area Manager _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Sidebar Plugin allows you to make a control and replace sidebars and other widget areas on your websites. In addition, it also make custom sidebar configurations, so you can select what widgets show on each page or post.

Provided features:

  • Display different sidebars on pages and posts
  • A simple flexible sidebar manager
  • Custom sidebars is fully-loaded


2. Content Aware Sidebars – Unlimited Widget Areas

Content Aware Sidebars – Unlimited Widget Areas _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Sidebar helps you to generate custom widget areas foe every post, page and custom post type quickly without any code. Besides, by displaying different widget areas on different conditions, you are able to optimize conversion rates, raise on-site SEO as well as upsell products.

Provided features:

  • Insert unlimited sidebars and widget areas
  • Show or hide widgets on any page
  • Customize your widget areas your way
  • The most user-friendly widget manager
  • Sidebar plugin integrations and support


  • Great flexibility
  • Nicely configurable
  • Easy to set up and run perfectly

3. Posts in Sidebar

Posts In Sidebar _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Sidebar Plugin allows you to show a list of your posts that uses the standard you want. Besides, because of having short-code, this plugin enables you to use it in your posts or pages to list your posts easily. After installing, this plugin will generate a new widget for your sidebar. You just need to insert it to your sidebar, choose the options to get back the posts and save the widget.

Provided features:

  • Get posts by exact IDs
  • Get posts by recent comments
  • Stylize the output of the widget
  • Cache the output of the widget
  • Exclude posts by authors, taxonomies, and so on
  • And more


  • Excellent author support
  • Simple to use and flexible
  • Fully customizable and easily too

4. Simple Page Sidebars

Simple Page Sidebars _ Wordpress.org

Simple Page Sidebars enables users to choose different sidebars to different pages simply and flexibly without making any template changes. Besides, you can also assign existing sidebars in quick edit and bulk edit modes that helps you save a lot of time.

Provided features:

  • Modify a page’s sidebar
  • Assign the same sidebar to multiple pages
  • No more site-wide, generic sidebars
  • Complete control over the names of your custom sidebars


  • Simple and effective
  • Very easy to configure and set up
  • An enormous time-saver

5. Fuse Social Floating Sidebar

Fuse Social Floating Sidebar _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Sidebar Plugin helps you to insert social media floating sidebar icons being connected with your social media profiles to your websites.

Provided features:

  • Shadow in icons
  • Widget and Short-code
  • Animated Rotation Effect in Icons
  • Type of icons round and square
  • Different size of social icons


  • Brilliantly adaptable
  • Simple and nice looking
  • Easy to configure and use

6. Advanced Sidebar Menu

Advanced Sidebar Menu _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Sidebar allows you to create menus based on the contemporary section of your site by using your relational pages. In addition, this plugin always keeps the menu clean and usable. You don’t need to be worried about keeping a custom menu up to date or displaying links to items that don’t belong because just only related items are shown.

Provided features:

  • Exclude pages or categories
  • Page and Category widgets
  • Ability to order pages by date, title, page order
  • Always display child pages or categories
  • Display each single post’s category in a new widget
  • And more


  • A lifesaver
  • Extremely valuable
  • Lightweight and works straight away

7. Easy Custom Sidebars

Easy Custom Sidebars _ Wordpress.org

This plugin is an ideal choice for you to change every sidebar or widget area in every WordPress Websites or even change more than a widget area on the same page. You can also preview your custom widget areas on your sites because this plugin combines with the WordPress Customizer.

Provided features:

  • Activate/Deactivate Custom Sidebars
  • Customize the Admin Page
  • Create Unlimited Custom Sidebar Replacements
  • Works with any WordPress Theme
  • Translation Ready


  • Excellent support
  • Works Beautifully
  • Unobtrusive and easy-to-use

8. Sidebar Manager Light

Sidebar Manager Light _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Sidebar Plugin allows you to change an existing sidebar with one custom sidebar for one or many pages. Besides, you are also able to drop any widgets in different custom sidebars that work exactly as the default once.

Provided features:

  • Display based on User role
  • WMPL plugin support
  • Display sidebars and widgets based on language
  • Drop any number of widgets in any of custom sidebars


  • Brilliant in its simplicity
  • Nice and easy interface


We hope that you find this beneficial. In addition, you can also have more free WordPress theme to help you replace sidebar areas on your sites.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below. Thanks very much for your reading!

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