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Take a look and choose the best WordPress Plugin Framework for your sites!

Why should you try WordPress Plugin Framework?

If you have a plan on building out an option panel, you need to have a tool to help you simplify the development cycle or generate meta boxes and admin page as well. Understanding your need, today we collected with the best WordPress Plugin Framework, which would be helpful for you. So, let’s start now!

Top WordPress Plugin Framework

1. The SEO Framework

The Seo Framework _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Plugin Framework is easy to use and offers an automated, available, unbranded, and a quick SEO solution for your WordPress Sites. Besides, it also rediscovers how SEO plugins should work: No ads. No distractions. No nonsense

Provided features:

  • Improves search presence
  • Provides an AI
  • Outputs Structured Data
  • Helps you optimize your metadata.
  • Points search engine crawlers
  • Allows you to adjust SEO through global options.
  • Supports all custom post types
  • And more


  • User friendly
  • Outstanding and super responsive support
  • Quick and effective manner

2. Redux Framework

Redux Framework _ Wordpress.org

This is a simple, totally extensible and fully responsive WordPress Plugin Framework. Besides, this plugin allows users to simplify the development cycle and helps them to built out an option panel only by their own imagination in a fraction of the time.

Provided features:

  • Dimensions (Height/Width)
  • Divide (Divider)
  • Gallery (WordPress Native)
  • Image Select (Patterns/Presets)
  • Button Set
  • Checkbox / Multi-Check
  • Color (WordPress Native)
  • And more


  • Simple extensible options
  • Ultimate coding
  • A lot of extension

3. Meta Box – WordPress Custom Fields Framework

Meta Box – Wordpress Custom Fields Framework _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Framework allows you to insert custom fields and details on your websites with 40 different field types. Besides, It provides a powerful and professional tools to generate custom meta boxes and WordPress custom fields. You can also insert WordPress custom fields and custom meta boxes quickly and manage the display and organization of your sites

Provided features:

  • Create any types of metadata and custom filed in WordPress
  • A wide range of field types and options
  • It’s developer-friendly
  • Meta Box supports
  • Utilize WordPress’ powerful action and filter system


  • Quick loading and highly customizable
  • Easy to implement
  • Unique post types for various purposes

4. PIKLIST | Rapid development framework

Piklist _ Rapid Development Framework _ Wordpress.org

This is one of the most powerful framework for WordPress. Also, it allows users to focus on the key points of their plugin and theme. Moreover, it is user-friendly and very suitable for beginners that help to build anything in a fast way.

Provided features:

  • Codeless meta boxes
  • Simple widgets
  • Powerful field
  • Lots of field types
  • Mix field and content types


  • Front end forms working great
  • Extremely well done plugin
  • Faster adoption to production website.

5. The GDPR Framework By Data443

The Gdpr Framework By Data443 _ Wordpress.org

The GDPR Framework by Data443 is a large and complex law WordPress Plugin Framework. With a full Site Owners Guide, this plugin helps to learn and have more understanding of your requirements. Besides, it also provides a clear and elegant interface for you to handle Data Subject Access Requests.

Provided features:

  • Enable DSAR on one page
  • Track, manage and withdraw consent
  • Cookie solution
  • Integration with ClassiDocs
  • Use a helpful installation wizard
  • And more


  • Reactive support
  • Practical solution for GDPR compliance
  • Solve many technicalities

6. Options Framework

Options Framework _ Wordpress.org

This WordPress Plugin Framework allows you to include an option panel in any WordPress theme easily. Besides, instead of spending time on generating a option panel from scratch, developers are able to focus on making the particular theme. You can also use both commercial and personal projects freely.

Provided features:

  • Text input
  • Checkbox
  • Radio button
  • Images (use images instead of radio buttons)
  • Background (a set of options to define a background)


  • Excellent implementation
  • Flexible and intelligible

7. Titan Framework

Titan Framework _ Wordpress.org

Titan Framework enables developers to generate admin pages, meta boxes and theme customizer options in an easy way. Moreover, this is a fast and easy plugin for everyone.

Provided features:

  • Makes development unbelievably easy
  • Built with optimization in mind
  • Does NOT clutter the database
  • Supports child themes
  • Automatic CSS generation
  • Full font style fields


  • Extendable
  • Practically Plug & Play

  • Well documented


That is all of our collection today. If you see this collection is useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Besides, you can also have more free WordPress theme here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below. Thanks very much for your reading!

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