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Marshall County Co-Op Inc

Marshall County Co-Op Inc. is a local cooperative organization that has been serving the residents of Moundsville, West Virginia and the surrounding Marshall County area for over 80 years. Founded in 1939, the co-op originally started as a farmer’s supply store, providing agricultural goods and services to the rural communities of the region.

Over the decades, the co-op has evolved to meet the changing needs of the local population. While it still maintains its roots in the agricultural community, it now offers a diverse range of products and services to both rural and urban customers. The co-op’s 11th Street location in downtown Moundsville serves as its main retail hub, open to the public six days a week.

One of Marshall County Co-Op’s core offerings is its propane supply and delivery service. As a major regional propane provider, the co-op supplies homes, farms, and businesses throughout Marshall County with reliable, affordable propane for heating, cooking, and other applications. Customers can visit the 11th Street location to fill up propane tanks or schedule propane delivery to their property.

In addition to propane, the co-op store stocks a wide variety of other products. Farming and livestock supplies, including feed, seed, fencing, and farm equipment, are available for the area’s agricultural community. For homeowners, the co-op carries lawn and garden supplies, tools, hardware, housewares, and automotive products. The co-op also functions as a feed and seed store, providing high-quality grains, hay, and other animal feed.

Beyond its retail operations, Marshall County Co-Op is actively involved in the local community. The organization sponsors various community events and youth programs, and partners with area schools and nonprofits. Co-op members receive exclusive benefits, such as patronage dividends and access to special offers.