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Amvets Preston Post

AMVETS Preston Post is a veterans service organization located at 1567 S Shelby St in Louisville, Kentucky 40217. The post can be reached at (502) 637-1900. AMVETS, short for American Veterans, is a Congressionally-chartered nonprofit group that supports veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families through various programs and advocacy efforts.

The AMVETS Preston Post in Louisville was established to serve local veterans in the area. As part of the national AMVETS organization, the Preston Post provides resources, services, and community for former members of the U.S. armed forces. This includes assistance with benefits, employment, education, and other transitional support. The post also hosts social events and community outreach to honor and support veterans and their families.

Through its local chapter, AMVETS Preston Post is committed to advocating for the needs of Louisville-area veterans and ensuring they receive the care, recognition, and opportunities they have earned through their military service. The post works closely with other veteran service organizations in the community to coordinate resources and programming.