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Creating and handling easily your custom post type with helpful WordPress custom post type plugins!

Besides the available WordPress post type, musicians may need some special post type to arrange their “album”, “songs” and restaurant owners need “dishes”, “menu” post type. There are some specific case which a blog/site need to manage some custom type of tags, categories. So that, a WordPress custom post type (CPT) plugin is a best choice for you to turn your site into a unique and smart look. So let’s take a glance at our WordPress custom post type plugins list and choose for you the best one!

1. Custom Post Type Maker

wordpress custom post type

Firstly, let’s start with a powerful plugin enabling you to create your custom type of content and taxonomy – Custom Post Type Maker. It’s a helpful assistant for you to create a friendly site and manage effortlessly your content.


  • Create custom post type and custom taxonomy
  • Intergrated with WordPress API
  • Provide parameters of WordPress CPT API
  • Display list of all registered custom taxonomies
  • Enable custom post type icon


  • User-friendly interface
  • No coding skills required

2. Pods

wordpress custom post type 2

Pods is one of the most popular Wordpress custom post type plugins. It enables tou to create and manage your custom type of content in an easy way. Moreover, you can create advanced types (like post, page, taxonomy, category, user, etc.), customize setting pages and so on.


  • Extend custom content types
  • Create and custom setting pages
  • Create links connecting custom post types
  • Display your fields anywhere
  • And more


  • Many optional field types
  • Easy to use
  • Friendly look

3. Custom Post Type UI

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Another powerful WordPress custom post type plugin is Custom Post Type UI. This plugin helps you handle your custom taxonomies easily thanks to its simple interface. It is free, popular, and has 700000+ active installation.


  • Create as well as modify your custom content type
  • Advanced labeling for custom post type
  • Export your custom post type
  • Attach built-in in the taxonomies


  • Great support
  • Graphical interface

4. Toolset Types

Toolset Types is one of the most plentiful feature plugins. It allows you to create various field types like audio, images, URL, files and much more. Besides, you can custom a submission forms so that your audiences will put data into your custom post type.


  • Create custom post types, taxonomies and fields
  • Set up repeating of field group
  • Connect between different content types
  • Built-in input validation
  • And more


  • Modern look
  • 30-days warrancy

5. CPT-onomies

CPT-onomies is a useful, multisite compatible WordPress custom post type plugin. It helps you to create your custom post types and taxonomies. Besides, it also allows you to manage relationships between content types.


  • Create custom content types, fields, taxonomies
  • Handle connections between different post types
  • Register CPT-onomies as a taxnomy term


  • Support for multisite network
  • No coding knowledge needed

6. WCK Custom Post Types and Custom Fields Creator

WCK Custom Post Types and Custom Fields Creator alows you to create your own custom post type. With friendly and inspiring interface, you can easily handle your custom category.


  • Manage your custom type
  • Provides various field types (Radio, number, checkbox, phone, HTML and so on)
  • Ability to create repeater fields and groups
  • Connect between post types and taxonomies
  • And more


  • No code required
  • Intuitive look
  • Highly appreciated

7. Portfolio Post Type

Portfolio Post Type is a good choice to create a custom post type for your portfolio. Actually, you can use this plugin to create any custom type, and portfolio items are just one of them. Moreover, Portfolio Post Type is a cool plugin if you want to attach your porfolios.


  • Register portfolio taxonomy
  • Show feature images in the column view
  • Compatible with Visual Page Builder
  • Portfolio post type editor
  • Option customizable portfolio


  • Effective plugin
  • Simple but powerful


So, we have recommend you collection of useful WordPress custom post type plugins we think you may need. We hope you like it and don’t forget to share us your experience after trying. By the way, let’s take a look around our free WordPress themes to find the most beautiful one!

Thank you for reading this post. Please contact us if you have any question.

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