Free PH Groovy Blog WordPress theme

The PH Groovy Blog is a child theme of the popular WordPress theme PH Creative Blog. As a child theme, it inherits the core functionality and design of the parent theme, but introduces a brand new three-column layout.

The three-column layout provides a unique and visually-engaging presentation for blog content. The central column features the main blog posts, while the left and right sidebars allow for additional content such as widgets, featured posts, and promotional elements.

This layout helps create a more dynamic and immersive reading experience for visitors. The three-column structure allows for greater flexibility in how content is organized and displayed on the blog.

In addition to the new layout, the PH Groovy Blog child theme also includes several other customization options. Users can choose from a variety of color schemes, typography settings, and other design elements to further tailor the appearance of their blog.

Overall, the PH Groovy Blog is an excellent option for WordPress users looking to build a modern, visually-striking blog with a unique three-column layout. It seamlessly extends the functionality of the parent PH Creative Blog theme.

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