Free Naami WordPress Theme

The Naami WordPress theme is a brand new blog theme that has been designed with utmost care to provide bloggers with the tools they need to create a stunning website. With a range of pre-designed templates and layouts and a powerful page builder, users can easily create custom pages to suit their needs. The theme is also WooCommerce and Jetpack compatible, making it perfect for those who want to sell products on their website. Additionally, Naami offers seamless integration with Contact Form 7, ensuring that website visitors can easily get in touch with bloggers.

One of the standout features of the Naami theme is its suitability for domain sellers and investors. The theme allows users to manage an unlimited number of domains using a single website, making it a valuable tool for those in the domain industry. The theme also features the Divi Builder, which enables users to create custom layouts and designs without any coding knowledge.

The Naami theme is designed to be fast and efficient, with regular updates to ensure compatibility and performance. It also integrates with Nami, a popular web3 wallet, allowing for seamless single sign-on and user access levels based on NFT properties such as rarity metadata.

Overall, the Naami WordPress theme is a great choice for bloggers, domain sellers and investors, who want a customizable and efficient platform to showcase their work online. With thousands of free and commercial themes and plugins available, WordPress offers the flexibility and functionality to meet a wide range of needs.