Free Color Newsly WordPress Theme

Color Newsly is a highly versatile and customizable WordPress theme designed for online news portals, magazines, and digital news websites. This theme is a child theme of the Color Magazine WordPress theme and inherits all of its features, including a fully responsive design, easy-to-use customization options, and lightning-fast loading times that help to boost your website’s SEO ranking.

One of the unique features of Color Newsly is its sticky header, which allows users to easily navigate the website without having to scroll up and down constantly. Additionally, the theme includes category colors to help readers easily identify different types of articles, and a trending section to showcase the most popular stories of the moment.

With multiple layouts to choose from, you can easily customize your website to fit your specific needs. Plus, the theme comes with social sharing features that make it easy for your readers to share your content on social media.

Overall, Color Newsly is a stylish, modern, and highly functional WordPress theme that is perfect for anyone looking to create a professional and engaging online news portal or magazine. With its powerful features and versatile customization options, you can easily create a unique and attractive website that will stand out from the crowd.

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