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Park & Ride

The New London Park & Ride, located at 103A NH-103A in New London, NH 03257, is a convenient transportation hub for commuters and travelers in the area. Established in the early 2000s, this facility allows drivers to park their personal vehicles and then connect to various public transportation options, including regional bus services.

The Park & Ride lot provides ample parking spaces, making it easy for residents and visitors to leave their cars and utilize alternative modes of transportation. This helps reduce traffic congestion and environmental impacts by encouraging carpooling, vanpooling, and the use of public transit.

From the New London Park & Ride, commuters can access regional bus services that connect to nearby towns and cities, providing access to employment centers, shopping, medical facilities, and other important destinations. The facility’s strategic location along NH-103A makes it easily accessible for drivers coming from surrounding communities.

In addition to its transportation functions, the Park & Ride also serves as a community gathering space. The lot is often used for events, such as farmer’s markets or community meetings, fostering a sense of local connection and supporting the vibrant spirit of New London.

The New London Park & Ride is a valuable asset for the region, promoting sustainable transportation options and enhancing the overall accessibility and livability of the area for residents and visitors alike.