Does your website have a logo? It should if you want it to be successful and widely recognized. However, the problem is that not just any logo will do. You need a logo that tells its story in the most accurate way possible.

Is Your Website Logo Telling the Right Story?

Logo Matters

Here is the thing- everyone knows what a logo is but few know the difference between a generic logo and one that’s perfect for their business. You can easily get a design that qualifies for a “logo”. However, if you really want it to work, then you should take a closer look at it to see if it’s really something that you want. This is because each brand a unique story, and you want your logo to share yours.

If you want to check if your logo is right for your business, then ask yourself the following questions:

Does it Speak the Language of my Brand?

Believe it or not, different logos speak different languages. For instance, some logos say “hello, I am friendly” while others may say something like “I am the authority here”. So, you need to check if your logo is speaking the language you want it to speak. This is especially important because consistency is the key to successful branding and you don’t want to divert from your actual tone and language which is also used on your website, blog, newsletters, etc.

Does it Look Professional?

You go to great lengths to make your website look professional. You pick the best theme and best WordPress list plugins, high-quality images, videos, etc. to represent your business in the most excellent way possible. In the same way, you also need to pick a logo that’s professional and refined enough to do justice to the website that you have put so much work into.

An easy way to determine the quality of your logo is to compare it with other popular logos in the industry, especially those of your rivals. This is because you can learn a lot from their designs and apply the information to your own logo.

Is it Unique?

One of the things to keep in mind when creating the perfect logo is the uniqueness of the design. There is no point in creating the most appealing logo if it looks similar to your competitor. It will only lead to confusion and come in the way of creating an identity of your own. So, if you are designing a logo from scratch, then make sure you scan other logos in the industry before you give your the final nod.

Is it Too Complicated?

You may think that the more elaborate and complex the logo design is, the more impact it can have. However, nothing could be further from the truth. This is because it’s usually the simplest designs that are able to create a long-lasting impression on the people. Think of iconic brands like Apple and Nike. They have some of the simplest logo designs but we all know how they are internationally recognized.

Creating the Perfect Logo is not a Simple Process

If you want to design a logo that’s able to carry the brand message, mission, vision, and values, then you should be ready to work with numerous design changes and consider a variety of attributes. For instance, you have to pick the right colors, fonts, icons, and tagline (in case you are using one).  You should also understand that each color or font highlights a particular emotion or character. So, you can’t just pick the elements that you think look pretty. You should instead delve deeper into the design process and see how different components influence the overall design. Only then you can design a logo that tells the right story in the right manner.

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