How to manage cookie consent in WordPress

Are you familiar with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) issued by the European Union back in 2018?

If you are not, read on to learn how this piece of legislation affects you.

If you already know what the GDPR is about, just read on as well.

You will probably learn something new about how to make your website better and more aligned with current guidelines and regulations.

What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

In 2018, the European Union introduced a new set of regulations for how companies and other organizations must handle online data privacy in the interest of protecting European consumers.

As the GDPR law applies to Europeans wherever they are in the world – both offline and online – it is relevant for most businesses in the world to familiarize themselves with and find a way to manage and comply with these regulations and guidelines.

Managing cookie consent in accordance with the GDPR

There are many ways to ensure cookie consent management in compliance with the GDPR.

Some companies hire compliance officers whose main responsibilities include staying on top of every current piece of legislation relevant to their organization – and ensuring continuous compliance with all legislation.

Other companies find smarter ways to manage cookie consent, including the use of automatic software designed to manage those kinds of things on their behalf.

How to automatically manage cookie consent

In theory, you could program and design your own automatic setup to manage cookie consent on your website. But that would take up a lot of your time, not least to continuously make sure that the setup is updated and bug-free.

You could also opt for an existing piece of software, as there are already good options out there that could do the job for you.

One piece of software of this kind comes from Cookiebot.

What is Cookiebot?

Cookiebot is a leading software solution for automatic consent management in compliance with the GDPR. 

It works as a subscriptions service with monthly fees fixed by the number of subpages to manage, and once you have signed up with Cookiebot, you can install their GDPR cookie consent plugin on your website.

The plugin ensures that the website adheres to all relevant guidelines by making a cookie consent banner automatically pop up at any user’s first visit to the website.

By asking users to allow the website to collect and store cookies, the plugin ensures that the consent process happens in a way that adheres to the regulations set in the GDPR.

How to get started 

If you want to get started on using Cookiebot as your cookie consent management solution, start by visiting their website on

Check out all the details and features and choose a subscription model that suits you.

Sign up on their website and go back to your WordPress dashboard to search for the Cookiebot cookie consent plugin.

With the plugin installed on your website, you never have to worry about cookie consent management again.

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