Can’t decide which class is best for farming Gil in FFXIV? The Shadowbringer Expansion introduces 18 new classes to the game, making it seem difficult to choose the perfect job. Fortunately for you, in FFXIV you can play any character/job in a single avatar.

Once you pick a class, you’re not locked into it. You can swap classes simply by changing your current gear. Choosing the right class is important if you want to efficiently farm FFXIV Gil. Of course, you can buy FFXIV Gil online, or even if you haven’t started playing yet, the best way to get cheaper Final Fantasy games is through Gamecamp, but it’s when you make currency by actually playing the game. So, let’s take a peek at some of the combat classes in FFXIV that’ll help you rush through monsters with ease.

Why pick a combat class?

Final Fantasy offers various side quests for juicy rewards and monster drops that you can sell off to earn Gil. Although the drops are randomized, doing enough of them will get a decent amount of gear that you can sell for some decent currency. Here are the classes that are most efficient at dropping baddies in FFXIV.

Best DPS classes in FFXIV for easy Gil farming


DPS Rating: 71/100

  • Easy and beginner-friendly combos.
  • Access to several buffs that can increase your damage.
  • Agile character, high mobility that lets you easily dodge attacks, and has a lot of cool attack animations.


DPS Rating: 79/100

  • Applies debuff making enemies vulnerable to critical and direct damage.
  • Superfast attack speed.
  • High agility and can teleport to safe zones.
  • One of the most sought-after jobs in top-tier raids.


DPS Rating: 73/100

  • Elegant-beginner-friendly DPS jobs best for early game Gil farming.
  • Possesses a strong AOE group buff that increases your party’s damage.
  • Also has a dash skill that easily evades enemy attacks.

Red Mage

DPS Rating: 85/100

  • A powerful character capable of soloing a lot of in-game content.
  • The only job capable of resurrecting 7 dead players with the ‘Dual Cast’ skill.
  • Possesses both melee and magical skills allowing players the option to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Blacks Mage

DPS Rating: 91/100

  • Flashy skills that deal massive damage with the right gear.
  • Uses Ley lines to increase damage, reduce casting speed.
  • Possesses two teleportation skills that let them avoid fatal damage.
  • A powerful defensive skill called Manaward shields the Black Mage from 30% of all incoming damage.


DPS Rating: 86/100

  • Samurai is one of the highest damage dealing characters in the game that even surpasses the likes of the Black Mage.
  • Satisfying anime like swordplay for all of you otaku fans out there.
  • Has a lot of survival skills that save you from imminent death.


DPS Rating: 97/100

  • Summon previously defeated enemies to fight for you.
  • Possess skill for almost every in-game encounter.
  • Has skills that buff the damage of the entire party.

Parting thoughts

Farming Gil in FFXIV can become a mundane task. If you’re interested in actually playing the game, you can always buy FFXIV Gil from third-party websites. They are cheap and save your hour’s worth of in-game grind. You can even sell off your Gil for some quick cash as well.

Gil farming requires hours of crafting, gathering, hunting, and killing bosses. Although DPS roles are not best for the job, they get the work done. Hopefully, this guide helped you makeup your mind on which role to pick. Good Luck!

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